Wednesday, January 28, 2009

San Jose State

Hello all. Sorry about the blog, I've been AWOL the past week. My apologize.

Honestly, if your excited about the Aggie basketball team, raise your hand. I don't think many are up right now. This team lost twice last week, once at Boise and again at Idaho. Where's the excitement for this ballclub?

I look at the San Jose State game tonight and, I wonder, is this even a big game? I don't even really mean for the Aggies. I really mean in the grand scheme of things. Just look at the standings. These are two teams in the middle of the WAC pack. Two teams that aren't 7-0 in conference or 5-1 in conference but rather both 3-4. Do you think the other WAC teams or fans in other WAC markets have this one circled on their calender? Highly unlikely.

What happened here with NMSU? This used to be a hot-button program. Maybe I'm being too harsh but the proof is in the pudding. Attendance is down, there hasn't been a lot of positive feedback on the blog. Even without me posting on the team, nobody wrote anything about it. Normally, people would be at my throat for not commenting on Aggie hoops. Not this time around.

Maybe this post will change things on that front but, after two losses away from home, things are a little down right now. NMSU needs to win both of these games at home. SJSU followed by Hawaii. The Aggies should win but it doesn't seem like they are an elite team in the conference. They're middle of the pack right now. And I don't think a sweep is guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

Duh Teddy. Why do you think NMSU is very good this year? It is an easy answer. NMSU is playing a bunch of freshman, and sophomores. Gives this team another year, and they are going to be very good. You can't just expect all these freshman to start playing at the same level that Hawkins, Peete, Iti, and Passos were playing at the past two years. You need to give these guys some time.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, what an absolute nothing piece your wrote...not one thought or iota of information worth discussing. You set the perfect example for the fair weather fan.

Anonymous said...

I think it's official; Marvin Menzies and his style of play are pretty boring.

What a difference from the Reggie years!

Anonymous said...

Look we can't turn our back on this team we just have to support them this year and hope the improve between now and the WAC tourny, and if we get hot in Reno anything can happen.

I look for us to come out sharp it has been almost a week.

Now get to work and see what shaking at AMS with DW and staff.

IC said...

We may have not left any posts on the blog but people have let their voices be heard on the poll question. 78 of 95 votes were disappointed with the team.

At this point of the season, what are your feelings on the New Mexico State men's basketball team?
Total Votes = 95
Happy, they are playing better than I expected 2 Votes, or 2.105 %
Satisfied, they are right where I think they should be 9 Votes, or 9.473 %
Disappointed, they should be better 78 Votes, or 82.10 %
Neutral, I am still unsure 6 Votes, or 6.315 %

Coyote said...

I miss Neil McCarthy more and more every day. He was a coach that ( with a lot less talent than the Aggies have now) when down 10 or more points could call time out, rely on his own coaching ability, talk to the team, and send the team back on the floor for a big time come-from-behind win. I saw this many times when Neil was coach. When McCarthy talked to his team you could tell a big difference when they went back out on the floor. That is what I call coaching ability. I notice the same thing with a number of our opposing coaches. When Menzie and his hoard of coaches confer and then talk to the team, I can't tell much difference in the play of aggies. I am tired of hearing the excuses about the players being young and inexperienced---that is what good coaching and practice is all about. I am also tired of hearing that losing close games builds chemistry, gives the players experience and makes them better---it is winning games and good coaching that builds chemistry and provides valuable experience.

The Aggies have tremendous talent---all they need is a talented coach who also makes better decisions about which players should be playing.

If you are one of the McCarthy haters, you don't need to waste your time trying to give me bunch of crap about how much you hate McCarthy or why you hate him. I have been going to the Aggie Basketball games for over 40 years and have observed all the Aggie coaches, beginning with Henson's first stint at NMSU. I bring up McCarthy based only on his coaching ability for comparison. I am very much aware why McCarthy is not here now.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is official. When we were playing weaker teams, the system was working and it was VERY exciting. Now our youngsters are being tested and they aren't executing. Give them time. Things will turn around. BTW, attendance for the last game was decent. Especially the students, who made a good showing.

Anonymous said...

The Las Cruces community and Aggie basketball fans just need to be patient. In 3 years the Aggies will not only be making noise in the WAC but nationally assuming the players stay here at NMSU. Jahmar Young can easily be argued as the WAC player of the year if the Ags had more wins. He is averaging 17pts, 4 rebs, and 3 assists a game. And Wendall is averaging 12pts a game, and is the WAC's leading rebounder. Yeah right it is tough to go through and deal with the youth but it will be in the long run!1