Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mumme money

Former Aggie coach Hal Mumme made roughly $540,000 on his way out the door at NMSU.

Lets be clear on this. Mumme made $375,000 through the buyout. The rest of the sum was because of money owed on his previous deal.

This is a lot of money here. It's incredible to me that you can make that type of cash, and be fired at the same time. Heck, I could have gone 11-38 with a football team. Maybe, maybe not, but I could have at least tried. And if it didn't work, I'd make a bunch of money during a time when normal people are struggling to make ends meet.

It just shows how badly the Aggies wanted to get rid of Hal. They would have payed $1 million if it meant he would have hit the road. Obviously I'm being sarcastic, but, at the same time, I'm being kind of serious. Him leaving was not negotiable. How much money he got on his way out, now that was. And it was.

What's done is done. I think looking at the final bill, it stings a bit. You fail as a coach, should you be compensated like that? Tough call but, in Hal's case, I don't think so. He took over a tough job here and had some tough breaks, but did he really have a raw deal at NMSU? The answer, from where I sit: No. He didn't win enough. Plain and simple. I guess in the Aggies' case, they felt like it was addition by subtraction.


Anonymous said...

$500K is a lot of money but, the bottom line is; he's gone and that's all that matters.

Mumme is problably laughing but let's think about this a bit.
His assistants are contracted thru the end of January and only one (Fanoga) has gotten a job.
Coach Walker will keep one or two and the other six will be without a job come February.

Does $500K buy Mumme piece of mind knowing, that you let down your assistants and six families have to find a way to put food on the table?

I doubt he's sleeping like a baby.

IC said...

Wow, I can't imagine how someone who under performs can be compensated like that. If any of us dont get the job done we aren't going to be rewarded by given our full benefits. He got his vacation and all that paid, that is crazy. I still can't fathom the thought that NMSU didn't have a confidentiality agreement as part of the buyout. This should have been kept in house. The focus of the team should have never been turned back to Dumme and how he hampered our program. We should have kept the focus on the future and what Coach Walker is doing with his staff and what he has planned for the recruiting process.

Anonymous said...

worth every penny to get rid of that clown!!!

Anonymous said...

This payout and all the embarrasement he brought the community would have been avoided if we fired him in 2005 for be-littling those Muslim players!!

Time to turn the page on the Dumme, aka, worst FB era and get behind Coach Walker, aka, "the working man's Coach"!!

Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

$500k for 11-38 huh? Wow. I'm in the wrong line of work. BTW Mumme, can you give us back the $165k you lost the school when you made fun of muslim players? You'll still be left with over 300k, so that's fair.

Let's get back to talking about coach Walker. His recruiting is already worlds better than Dumme's ever was.

Anonymous said...

Confidentiality agreement? Are you kidding me? You do know that his being considered a state employee means that all contractual data falls under the open information act, right?

Anonymous said...


Mumme had a c-o-n-t-r-a-c-t. NMSU signed that contract, so they were obliged to honor its terms.

NMSU decided what Mumme was worth 4 years ago when they offered him a five year contract. Once they did that, no matter how poorly he may have performed, NMSU owed him what they agreed upon.

Teddy said...

OK. Do I have to like it though? If so, I'll reconsider my stance.

Anonymous said...

Get some updates and walker and what the players think of him, also who maybe staying and going. What about JLD??

Anonymous said...

Bottomline. Don't do anything without a contract.