Friday, August 1, 2008

Hoops schedule

I have to say, I'm excited about the basketball schedule on tap for the Aggies this year.

I have to give Menzies credit here. Away games at Kansas and USC? That's great stuff. I also love the game at Long Beach and hosting Pepperdine. Those are some scrapiron programs which I'm all about.

The only thing I wish was that some more marketable teams came to Las Cruces. I'm tired of watching the Aggies beat up on the Prairie View A&M's of the world. But NMSU wants to get its name out there to a national audience. No better way than to play the national champs and a team like USC. Hopefully, NMSU is competitive in these games. That will only help. Last year's Duke game was fun, but the Aggies got beaten badly.

Tough to look this far ahead, but going to Hawaii to finish the season right before the WAC tourney is tough. They also go to La. Tech on Feb. 26. Those are two hard travel days right at the end of the season. And lets not forget, WAC tourney is in Reno this season. Totally different ballgame.

Excited for the football season and hoops isn't as far away as it may appear. Good time right around the corner.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we should all be excited about the new year and seasons ahead. Aggie fans need to get pumped up abd get out to suppourt the football and mens & womens basketball teams.

The football schedle is challenging but I know we can turn that corner this year. Both the mens & womens basketball schedules will bring some exciting times to the Pan Am. Both teams have games at national and Big 12 power Kansas and our womens team hosts a good Thanksgiving classic we need to get behind.
You are right about how tough it is to end WAC play (mens bball) at Hawaii. Remember though, our women did it last year and even though they made their 3rd straight WAC championship game, it did take some of the energy out of their legs. Let's hope they are smart enough to travel right to Reno for the WAC tournament and not come back here first.

Exciting times ahead.

Anonymous said...

The travel to Hawaii isn't that big of a deal. We won't be playing in the 8/9 match-up. And the women's portion of the tourney kicks off before the mens, so we'll have plenty of rest.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. The dreaded "play in" game is Tuesday, with the womens tournament starting Wednesday. The men tip off on Thursday.

I gues we will still be looking at Idaho and San Jose State in the mens play in game. Remember, Nevada hosts so they have the option to play the 6 or 8:30 game. That means our guys will want the noon or 2:30 game, which will mean we are on opposite side of the bracket.

Let's all get out and have fun supporting our teams. Students and all other Aggie fans; get out to all our games; football and mens & womens basketball and bring some friends. We need all of you.

Anonymous said...

I'll be in Reno. Anyone else?

Buck Nasty said...

I know there are other mid majors out there looking for solid home and homes, I'm wondering why we can't hook up with them. I like this year's schedule, but I'm also sick of seeing our home schedule loaded with WNMU, Prarie View A&M, and such. Is it that hard to schedule a home and home series with someone from the MWC, CUSA, or the Sun Belt (besides UNM, UTEP, and North Texas). I like that we're starting to play more teams from the WCC, but am I the only one that would like to see us try and start a series with Gonzaga? They're a good program with a solid RPI every year, within traveling distance, and they might actually entertain the idea of a home and home series where teams like USC and Arizona won't.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Home-and-home. We need to talk to UNLV. That would be awesome.