Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wendell McKines

The return of Wendell McKines to Aggie basketball is good for the team and for its fans.

Wendell was a solid player for the Aggies last year. He's someone every team needs on its roster — a player who is willing to mix it up and do the dirty work down low. Wendell plays bigger than he is and relies on heart and grit to get the ball.

He's a valuable piece to the roster and I was disappointed when he left initially. NMSU has some weapons up front. Herb Pope, who knows what this guy can do. Last year it was hard to tell just because of the circumstances. Hopefully, he can have a full season with the team and be a breakout contributor. Troy Gillenwater is also an intriguing part piece of the puzzle. We've heard good things about Troy. How will he mesh with Herb will be something to keep a serious eye on.

But Wendell is different than both because he seems to be more of a grinder. One thing that has always stood out to me in basketball has been players who don't need to ball in order to make an impact on the game. It sounds simple and maybe even a little ridiculous, but it's fun to watch guys like that. Wendell can effect a game without really scoring. That's an ability that's hard to find. It's a blue collar mentality. He'll get some buckets, he'll get some boards, he'll play good defense and he'll bust the opponent up.

Nice re-acquisition for Aggie hoops.


Anonymous said...

Its great for the kid and for the team. He has an opportunity to be a high level player here. And, if it is true that Pope is gone, Wendell be that much more valuable to this team.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wow, when did this happen? This is great news!