Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aggie postponement

What a crazy Friday night it was surrounding the Las Cruces sports scene.

All three local high school football teams won. The NMSU volleyball season got underway. The Herb Pope situation is still in a state of flux. And, in the most vexing event of all, the Aggie football game was postponed because of Hurricane Gustav hitting the Gulf Coast, preventing Nicholls State to cancel its trip to the Southwest. If you haven't heard, here's the story...

So what now for the Aggies? They are trying to reschedule with Nicholls. Another option is to find a new opponent. One thing that also seems up in the air is a bowl berth. McKinley Boston told Felix on Saturday that six wins seems to be the benchmark for an NMSU bowl game. If they get it in 12 or 11 games, it doesn't seem to matter. Here's the article, posted on our Web site today (Saturday).

In any event, it is chaotic right now to say the least. It's also disappointing. I know we were all excited for the start of the football season and to see NMSU on Thursday night. Now, they will open at Nebraska. It's a tough pill to swallow. I sure hope things work out and a 12th game falls into place. Either way, it's a wacky way to start the year, and NMSU hasn't even taken the field yet.


Anonymous said...

How about calling some of the other schools that may have been left without an opponent because of the hurricane? Maybe I missed it when it originally came out, but does anybody know why the Wyoming Cowgirls backed out of coming to Las Cruces?

Anonymous said...

I feel for Coach Mumme, his staff and the players over this deal.

The guys need to play someone in a different uniform. The week leading up to a first game usually brings nervous energy practices filled with anxiety. The focus isn't as sharp because they guys want to hit someone new.

Now, they have to go back to practice this week, for an off week. The let down will drag down the energy.

Mumme is in for a tough time having to get them to refocus on a new opponent. I guess the positive now is the fact we get two weeks to prepare for a very tough game at Nebraska. That will be a tough task.

I really believe are team was ready to go, so now we just need to stay with them as we move forward.

About the bowl game situation. Six wins is usually the minimum win count needed for a bowl game. But, don't you think we will need at least seven wins due to our lack of tradition and winning seasons? I do.

good luck Aggies, we will be behind you.

Anonymous said...

So Pope isn't coming back, is he?

I.C. said...

I checked the N.S. website and the only time that both schools have an open week is in early December.

Is that really an option that late in the year?

Anonymous said...

We need to get an opponent!
Get Nicholls or one of the directional NM schools in early December!

I said we need to sweep our rivals to get the ball rolling. Now its a must!

We can beat Utep, UNM, SJSU, Hawaii, Idaho, and Utah St.
I saw what LA Tech did to Miss. St. and it will be tough to beat them, even at home!

We need that sixth home game just in case we are 5-6 at the end of the season.
It's the difference between ending the bowl drought or waiting another year.


El Hombre

Anonymous said...

Rescheduling NS is irrelevant to making a bowl, as they are not a BCS school. I thought the minimum six W's needed to qualify for a bowl ALL have to come against BCS schools. Is that correct Teddy? Also, with the New Mexico Bowl's WAC alliance, six wins likely would be enough. Regardless, a bad break for NMSU. Nebraska looked good against a decent mid major team yesterday, particularly on offense (WM had 10 defensive starters back). But we should be able to move the ball and score, assuming the O-Line can protect Chase.

Hopefully the final won't be as bad as the late 70s/early 80s when NMSU students referred to the NU/NMSU games as "Aggie Massacres". NU is not the same machine they were back then, so hopefully we can make a respectable showing. I'll be heading to Lincoln for the game proudly wearing NMSU gear. Go Aggies!!
-Aggie Glare

Teddy said...

Glare -

You read Dr. Boston's comments. He said six wins will get them into a bowl. I think the NM Bowl is basically begging the Aggies for a reason to invite them.

Anonymous said...

We really need this game. It does count toward a bowl game. If we play 11, and go 3-1 in our OCC schedule we would only have to win 3 WAC games to go to the New Mexico Bowl. If we got 2-1 without that fourth OCC game then we would have to win 4 WAC games to go to a bowl game,so people we need this game.

Anonymous said...

Glare- One win against a FCS team counts towards a bowl. For example last year we played two FCS teams, and only one of those wins counts to bowl eligibility.


Anonymous said...

UNM has gone to the NM Bowl two years in a row.
The clause stipulates, that both NM schools can only participate in two of three years.

UNM can't play in this years bowl and yes, the NM bowl is waiting for the Aggies to be bowl eligible.

Does NMSU need to fnd that replacement game? Absolutely!

Make the game in December so all the "old farts" can freeze their behinds and the students can rush the field to end our 48 year bowl drought!

Spare time lawyer

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:49,
Thanks for the clarification. I do remember that being the case now. So I agree with all the above; the game needs to be rescheduled to enhance our chances of ending the bowl drought.

Let's just hope we come away from Lincoln healthy. I'm sure Pelini's boys will be agressively going after Chase.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why this game was cancled. LSU is still going to play their game on Saturday, and their town is getting hit way harder than Nicholls State. I don't think Nicholls State wants to play us. Plus, why is our game the only one that has been canceled. This is crap

Anonymous said...

LSU has postponed their games as well. Almost 2 million without electricity. Get a clue. Nicholls wants our money