Thursday, August 21, 2008

A.J. Harris

Don't overlook A.J. Harris' presence in the NMSU offense.

Harris is a big, physical receiver who often gets overlooked. Last year, A.J. played on a bad ankle for the majority of the schedule, yet still led the team in receptions with 81, 10 more than the mark he set the previous year. Harris also passed Duane Gregory as the school's all-time receptions leader. His game isn't the prettiest — A.J. is big, physical and not especially fast — but it gets the job done and he does a lot of dirty work for the team.

In many respects, Harris acts as a short-yardage player for a team that doesn't have a typical power-running game. He needs 125 catches to set the All-Time NCAA career receptions mark, a stat that Hal Mumme thinks is attainable for the receiver. Are his numbers inflated by the system he plays in? Of course. But that's not a negative thing. Harris has been productive and a hard-charging player for the Aggies in his tenure. He should have a fine season, even if the other players around him garner most of the headlines.


Anonymous said...

It's too bad about AJ playing hurt last year. That record would have fallen for sure.

I really like to watch him play. Those CB's hate it when he gets the ball.

I will really be pulling for AJ to get 125 and a bowl berth.

Anonymous said...

Football is here. I'm so excited to get the year going. We are going to come out on the 4th and put it on Nichols State. I hope all Aggie fans stay with this team as the year rolls on. The season isn't over once we play UNM and UTEP. You all still have to come out to the games.

Its sad to see the stadium empty out as the season moves on, so let's all stay with them through the WAC race.

The time has come!

Buck Nasty said...

Harris is our version of Keyshawn Johnson. No, he's not as annoying as Keyshawn. But he's a guy who isn't going to fly by defenders but will make those tough grabs on third down and then stick it to whoever is in his way.

Anonymous said...

...Play DEFENSE-and the crowds will come-and stay...DEFENSE!!!..

Anonymous said...

The Aggies have the best receiving corps in the WAC. It's the other positions we have to be concerned with.

Off topic: NMSU men's basketball team is rated 58th in the nation by And this was befor McKines came back into the fold.