Thursday, August 14, 2008

San Diego State

We have written a bit about scheduling and there has been some back and forth on the blog surrounding the topic.

Well, personally, I like the San Diego State matchup for Aggie football. First off, both these teams could be considered comparable. Both have had their struggles within their conferences, comparable conferences as well. Both have potential too, however, and games like this could be good barometers over where the programs stand. Like I said, I was in favor of NMSU playing Wyoming this season, until the Cowboys backed out. The SDSU scenario is somewhat similar and I like the Aggies going against the Mountain West, a fellow "mid-major" conference.

2009's out-of-conference schedule features the two rivals — @ UNM and vs. UTEP — to go along with away games at Ohio State and San Diego State. I like this. NMSU's goal is to stick with the rivals, have a big money game against elite competition and then have a contest vs a comparable mid-major. It seems like they accomplished this for 2009. Assuming the schedule sticks.


Anonymous said...

I hope SDSU doesn't back out. It should be a good one.

I see NMSU has five home games and seven road games next year.
I think it is imperative that we get a sixth home game!

With the high cost of travel, you would think NMSU could schedule regional games with UA, ASU and TTech, right?

All of these schools are a five hour drive and plenty of Alumni live in the Phoenix/ Tucson area that can attend or better yet, a home and home would be much much better!


Anonymous said...

Texas Tech?!

If Mumme and Leach are such good friends, why can't they do a home and home series?

Yes, we play Nebraska and Ohio State next year but, we don't have any big name BCS schools coming to Aggie Memorial!

Utep hosted Texas Tech two years ago, UT this year and Kansas next year.
UNM hosts U of A and Texas A&M this year.

The last BCS school to visit Las Cruces was Cal during the 2002 train wreck.
I hate to say it but, Unm and Utep are beating us to the punch when it comes to bringing quality teams.

El Hombre

I.C. said...

El Hombre and Vic are right on point. I posted a similar post on the hoops schedule. I used to love when TT came for hoops.

Why not build up our regional rivalries. I would love to see the two teams go head to head in an air raid matchup.