Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NMSU volleyball

I know this doesn't get as much play as football but when was the last time an NMSU sports team was in the top-15 in the country?

That's where volleyball found themselves last year and should again this season. Mike Jordan has done an excellent job recruiting to this area and the team faces some marketable competition.

Someone on my previous post asked why more top-tier teams don't come to NMSU to play. You don't see that problem in volleyball because the program has been a winner the last handful of years. Things shouldn't change in 2008 either. Texas, Utah and Houston will all make the trip to Las Cruces this year in early September.

NMSU faces two challenges this upcoming season. One is ousting Hawaii from the top-spot of the conference — no small task. The Rainbow Wahine have been a WAC powerhouse and aren't going to leave that post quietly.

Secondly, the Aggies need to advance in the NCAA tournament. Outside of winning the WAC, there is really nothing left for this team to accomplish in the regular season. Last year was thought to be the time NMSU broke through to the second round. It didn't happen. People will be saying the same thing again once tourney time rolls around. Pressure will be there to continue improvement and growth. And that's the way it should be.

Aggie volleyball should be a program well received by NMSU fans. They have been a consistent winner. And that should continue to be the case this year.

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