Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holbrook's health

One thing that must be monitored this year is the health of quarterback Chase Holbrook.

Chase is a tough kid who plays hurt. But the bottom line is that the “Air-Raid” asks him to drop back a lot and he gets hit a lot. Holbrook has missed chunks of the past two seasons and him playing in all 12 games this year seems unlikely. Football players get banged up, particularly quarterbacks who drop back 50-70 times a game.

The offensive line was a bright spot last season and assistant coach Mason Miller will have to work his magic again with this unit. Gone are last year's starting tackles Mike Martinez and James Farrelly. Both played well in 2007 and replacing them can not be overlooked as a top priority as Week 1 approaches. Ask any offensive lineman and they will tell you they would rather run block than pass protect. NMSU's unit doesn't have much of an option, as the offense revolves around throwing the ball.

If Chase does go down, J.J. McDermott would get the call. His most significant action last year was at Louisiana Tech and he threw the ball well that night. But make no mistake. Chase is the leader of the Aggies and needs to be on the field in his senior year. Keeping him upright and healthy is a top priority.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this football team needs Holbrook on the field. The problem is the fact our "Air Raid" offense is so one dimensional.
Opponents only have to work on a couple things against us. If we had a better running game we would be better, Holbrook would stay healthier and we would win more games.

Anonymous said...

It's time for the running backs to have a solid year.
They won't get 1,000 yards but, if they get big chunks, teams will have to respect the run and slow the rush.

You don't see players like CW and Chase come to NMSU everyday. I think we are primed for a special season!


Anonymous said...

We at NMSU worry too much about numbers, especially in the offensive side.
Those #'s will come.

We need to worry about the Defensive #'s. If we can finish between 60 to 50th in the nation.

Anything else, would be un-civilized!


Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for your Article about the history of the term "Bush League"