Thursday, December 13, 2007

Theus story

It's really short but here it is...


chilero said...

Was Theus a walk-on again this year? Assumed so, but the article mentions his walk-on status from last year.

Teddy said...

He was a walk-on this season too

Vic said...

First, Londale. Then (probably)Herb Pope.

The last blood link to Reggie is gone. Good Luck to him and his future endeavors. He's a good kid!

How about a road win before Christmas?!

Chiludo said...

I don't like the term quit.
You just labeled the young man with your title!

Even the AP said he was leaving the team not, quitting!

You guys need to work on your PR!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Londale. I don't know about your story headline, though. He is quitting the team, technically, but it's for his best interest. Transferring to a place where he can get more playing time. Transferring and quitting are not the same in my book.

Ganja Boy said...

I got to question the title; "Londale Quits NM St Aggies"

Widenhoffer left the FB team and you called it "retirement."
I personally think Woody quit but, that's a different story.

What's so different between Londale and Woody?
Why is one labeled by the LC Sun news as a quitter and the other isn't?

Please explain why a good kid that busted his butt for two years, without a scholarship is a quitter?

jj said...

One thing I noticed about Londale was that he was one of the team's biggest cheerleaders. He didn't get that much playing time but he was always there pumping the team up. He was a team player. I wish the best for him where ever he ends up.