Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hawkins out

Apparently, Justin Hawkins is out of action tonight because of a hamstring injury. That's a big hole to fill


Aggie Man said...

JHawk deserves a rest. We will need a big time performance from him and everyone at the Pit!

I'm still fuming from the loss to Utep! It's tough working in El Paso and putting up w/ there crap!

Reggie took rivalry games personally and he would WILL his team to victory. He had that competitive edge.

Menzies is a joke! He couldn't even motivate a bunch of first graders for recess! He's got NO competitive fire!

Anonymous said...

Menso better sit Hawk until WAC play. If this injury does not heal, things could quickly go from bad to worse.

It's amazing how quickly Aggie b-ball popularity has vanished. I live in Denver, but am in Albuquerque on business, and went to Fox & Hound to watch the game. First, no one else was interested in watching NMSU - only me. Secondly, what was the attendance at the PAC - 500?? Talk about looking bad on TV!! Good thing the telecast was not widely distributed! Guess things could have been worse - we could have lost or barely beat that juggernaut Prairie View A&M.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Aggie man, hit it right on the head. I have said it before and will say it again..no passion, no drive= no victories over good/ decent teams. It appears that the Ags only hope is to hang in there through conference play, and get lucky here at home during the conference tourney.

Anonymous said...

Jack Nixon says Hawk could miss Tuesdays game as well. He is awaiting the birth of his first child and his wife maybe in labor on that day. Congrats Hawk.