Monday, December 10, 2007

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Dunn is hired and NMSU gave Mumme a one-year extension. Here's the story....


InfamousChuck said...

WOW! This has got to be unprecedented. A coach wins 4 games in three years and gets an extension?!? What is the Administration thinking? I can't honestly think of any other situation where this or anything similar has ever happened. Please enlighten me if it ever has. There is no excuse whatsoever for extending Mumme's deal. He still had two years left, let him earn any extension he gets. Four wins in three years isn't getting it done in my book(or any other of the regular posters of this blog.) Mumme backer's don't fool yourself by telling me he's won four games each of the last two years, when half your wins come against 1-AA talent they don't count.

As for Dunn, I honestly don't know much about him, his history looks good, except for the fact that he went from a Head Coach, to D Coordinator, to HS. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Hopefully this hire makes a difference.

Vic said...

I was kind of surprised of the extension myself.
It is strictly for winning the recruiting battle and also helps in getting a DC coordinator signed.
Who the heck want's to come to NMSU w/ a one or two year contract, right?

NMSU has given Mumme a vote of confidence. He better make the most of this situation.

I don't know much about Dunn but, it sounds like he's a pretty intense and sometimes a swift kick in the ass is what's needed.

Good luck coach.

Anonymous said...

Mumme's one-year contract extension defies logic and good business sense. Dr. Boston has to be more incompetent than Mumme. Another losing season, both Mumme and Boston should be fired!

SM said...

I guess Boston is looking to Knicks' owner James Dolan in making personnel decisions for the Aggies. I can understand not wanting to buy out Mumme's contract, but I do not understand extending the contract for another year. What message is that sending? Granted, I believe it is important for an AD to show loyalty to his coaches, but it is quite another thing to reward coaching that nets 4 D-1 wins in 3 years with a contract extension.

Regarding basketball, I sure do hope we get some fans to the game tonight. I am in Houston and I do not own a private jet, or else I would be at the game myself. The Aggies are playing mediocre, but we can not tout ourselves as being a basketball school if we cannot fill the seats with students. I am extremely disappointed to see how the Aggies have turned from a very good D-1 program to a bottom half program. If the Aggies keep looking like a joke of a team, they can kiss the season goodbye. However, if the fans don't show up tonight, that indicates that they have already given up on the season, which could spell doom for the program in conference play.

Anonymous said...

Dunn went 5-5 coaching a high school team in Tennessee last year. I would love to hear about the search that was conducted to find this guy.

Mumme is a pariah in the coaching community and there simply are no college programs or college coaches in the country that he tap into to find a defensive coordinator.

A one year extension with two years remaining on his 5year contract?

Will Dr. Boston hold a press conference to announce these two moves? Will they be serving popcorn?

Anonymous said...

Good points everyone--Mumme has not done the type of job we had hoped thus far. BUT...keeo in mind there is most likely a favorable buy-out clause in his contract extension. Boston is on it--he is an extremely intelligent man in the sports business world. He understands the importance of continuity at the head coaching position, we can only hope that Mumme will get it together soon.

Ganja Boy said...

So JL Dunn runs the 3-5 defense? Isn't that the same defense as UNM?

I like our size up front. Fonoti, Cotton, Nwoko, Lucas and Richardson will be the linebackers.
Yes, Richardson is a SS but, in this defense the safeties are used as linebackers.
Either Woods, House, Butler and Fasavalu will man the corners.

Overall it seems like JL Dunn brings a very aggresive defense.

The questions are:
1). How quickly can the kids learn the 3-5?
2). How will the CB fair off in isolation?
3). Is everyone gonna be eligible for next year?

I like the idea but, how fast can we turn the corner?

Ganja Boy said...

Oops, I forgot.

Menzies is a joke! This clown should be under the big tent not the HC of NMSU!

In a weird/ sick way, I'm glad Pope and Young haven't been cleared.
A good coach will find a way to win w/o being 100%.
Those top 50 players will make any clown look good.

Hey Clown,
Gimme some popcorn, I got the munchies!

Anonymous said...

I am also sure that the extension has some verbage that allows NMSU an out. It is a "paper" agreement so that Dunn and any recruits can see it and be willing to come ot LC. It is hard enough to get some of them here, but with a "lame duck" coach it would be impossible. Give Boston the benefit of the doubton this one and let's see what comes of it. Just because they extended it doesn't mena that they can't end it if next season fails. Dunn can coach defense and Mumme can coach offnese. this may get fun again !!!

Anonymous said...

Look for Marvin Menzies to get a contract extention if we beat RPI rated #311 Pairie View. Hey Ted how did an ABQ TV station snoop you on the Mumme contract extension?

Teddy said...

I don't know but I'm pissed about it

Anonymous said...

People just do not get it. NMSU does not care about the fans. Ever. They do what they want. Always. Have a losing record, get a contract extension. Poor attendance, high ticket prices, high concession prices. Maybe we can gimmick ticket sales with our brand new marketing ploy. And by the way marketing genius, Las Cruces likes early games not 9pm. Oh, and by the way lose the DJ/MC that you use during the game, can't even understand what he is saying. He needs to learn how to speak.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys are reading way too much into the extention. And to those who point out how important the "perception of stability" is to recruiting - you nailed it!! That is all that's at work here - nothing more, nothing less.
-Aggie Glare

The Buss said...

I need to get a job working for Dr. Boston. Talk about easy job security, just show up everyday, do a half ass job, and get an extension. He's got to be the greatest boss in the world!