Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hawkins health

I talked with Justin Hawkins prior to basketball practice on Friday. He said he felt a sharp pain in practice in his left hamstring the day before the Aggies played Prairie View A&M. He said it had nothing to do with the knee on the same leg that he sprained against Lemoyne Owen, and that if he HAD to have played, he probably could have. The Aggies had two full days off but Hawkins practiced Friday and Saturday. More to come on Hawkins early next week as they prepare for a tough weekend with road games at UNM and Louisville.



Anonymous said...

Teddy, did he say if it has improved since Tuesday or give an indication of how he will be for next wednesday for the Lobos?

Teddy said...

He said he could have played if it was a bigger game and he practiced friday and Saturday. He said two days off also helped. I will monitor it leading up to the UNM game.

Ganja Boy said...

We lost a total of 9 games last year.
We have already lost 8 games, make that 9 when we play at Louisville this week!

This time last year we were 3-1 vs. our rivals. We are 1-3 vs. our rivals.
We can't even beat our rivals anymore!

Anyone want to defend Marvin Menso anymore?
He inherited a gem and is destroying it and keeping the fans away.
Fire Marvin Menso!

Justin said...

Maybe you should lay off the ganj. It will help you to see things a little more realistically.

Aggie Man said...

Anyway Marvin Menso can stay permanently in Lousville after this weekend?

I hope you have a one way ticket Marvin cause, after the way you have destroyed our team, you are no longer wanted in the city of the crosses!

Chastise me if you want but, he wanted the most visible job in Las Cruces and he has turned us into a laughing stock!

Anyone care to defend this idiot of a coach?!

Anonymous said...

Menzies is fine. The lack of a point guard has been devestating this year. Chris Cole has stepped up and become a solid PG, but when he was in foul trouble in last nights game against the Lobos, it was our undoing. When Peete took over, we had 5 straight turnovers! All of which the Lobos converted on! Plus Iti's stupid intentional foul resulted in a huge swing in momentum for them. It was a tough game to watch. Of all the games I've watched this year, this was the poorest we've played. Granted, I did not see the game against North Texas. People need to stop calling for Menzies head. I doubt things would be a whole lot better were Theus still here, because of the lack of a PG. Oops, I believe I just spoke blasphemy in Aggie Nation.

Anonymous said...

Menzies is definitely menso. He puts together an unimpressive coaching staff, loses our home court edge before conference play starts, does not understand the NMSU/UTEP rivalry, and says his team was "victimized by The Pit". Try outcoached by a guy who got run out of Iowa because he can't coach!! I was at the game last night, and our talent level is definitely better. But UNM looked much more organized, disciplined, and able to make adjustments. I can honestly say the only good thing Menso has done is recruit McKines. The only reason I won't call for his head is because its too soon. But no way a team with our talent should be 5-8, even with our SOS. Pathetic!
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

Marvin Menso what did we do to deserve this basketball team. They jacked up the hoops ticket prices, I wonder if we can get a refund?