Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jahmar Young

I had a little conversation with NMSU Compliance Officer Braun Cartwright. I asked him if the next response from the NCAA could be yes, no or send more information.
He said he was told that the ruling would be either yes or no, and that the NCAA would review Young's file this week. The University submitted Young's file late last week and when I spoke with him, it was 6 p.m. east coast time. So the university is expecting a decision in the next two days.



Anonymous said...

regarding Mr. Young and Mr. Pope. Im still curious as to why they are not qualified if they met NMSU admissions standards.

In a previous blog someone commented on how the NCAA has to approve each course. Guess what, all those course are online and can be checked in about 5 minutes against the transcripts. You pull up your school, compare the classes you have to the classes the NCAA has approved at your high school and amazingly you can tell if you have the right classes. Any college who was recruiting him, including NMSU, probably pulled grade reports on him and either knew we was not on track to be eligible or saw that he was. If Pope had a 3.0 obviously he's a decent student. He must have bombed his SAT's. College coaches tell kids "you need Algebra" "you need a science Lab" ... the only other thing I can think of is these boys didnt submit their paperwork till very very late. And that would be their own fault. Some athletes wait till they graduate to do their NCAA clearinghouse paperwork, which puts them at the bottom of the list. the NCAA does things first come first served, not "oh is Young or Pope, we gotta hurry up and get them qualified" Every year schools, especially football have players that dont get things done on time.

So if you know a senior right now looking to play sports, have him do his Clearinghouse paperwork online NOW. The school will send in his transcripts NOW then he'll know if he's missing anything and can make it up next semester or with qualified online classes, if a counselor hasnt taken the time to review his work with him to this point. Then come June all he has to do is have the school send in his final transcripts to the NCAA and he'll be ready to go in a matter of weeks. Not months like this situation, what ever is causing it.

How do I know all this....Im one of those bad guys who used to work for the big bad NCAA. Its crazy there. When I was there, we'd get 30,000+ clearinghouse requests in a matter of months. You wanna process that?

Ganja Boy said...

We have been told numerous times that, "this will be resolved in a week," since the season started.

Din't NMSU hire some law firm in Kansas to expedite this?

I really want to see these kids suit up and play for us this year. I'm worried it just might not happen.

Ganja boy said...

19 turnover vs. a bad UNM team!
The Utep guards will pressure us on both sides of the ball.

If the guards turn the ball over more than 10 times. It's gonna be a sweep!

I hope the Aggies have learned there lesson in the 2nd half. I have a feeling we are going to be 4-7 after Saturday!

Anonymous said...

UTEP is overrated. NMSU needs to play physical against UTEP on Saturday, because I don't think they can handle that. UNM is a better team then last year, so I have no idea what the hell you are talking about ganja boy. I also believe that Young and Pope will both be cleared by the time conference play comes.

EVL said...

I love the Aggies, but I think they will only win 8 games this year. I do not see any guards stepping up to be "the" point guard, and shoot the ball when they need to. I was a harsh critic of EI last year but at least he was to the go to guy in the clutch. It is sad to say, but this will be a rebuilding year.

Anonymous said...

You hit it right on the head. Weak guard play, excessive turnovers. If UNM were any better the Aggies would have paid dearly. As I have said before. UTEP guards are strong and can and have beaten ours this year and last (even thought the score last year did not prove it).

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith ganja boy! *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

Evl..8 games are you serious. The WAC is extremely weak this year. Just last night, Texas Tech had a 42-1 run against L-Tech. As well as Utah beating Utah State by 24 (keeping in mind Utah State was predicted to finish first in the WAC). By the time WAC play comes around, we will have at least Young and should be the strongest or one of the strongest in the conference. Have some faith bro.

Anonymous said...

8 games?! I hope that's a typo. And you say you love the Aggies. I wish we could track all these people, because when the Aggies start rolling other teams you guys will be nowhere to be found.

EVL said...

I will be there through the good times and bad. I was there when they lost to utep in EP. With the coaching change, the loss of Nelson, and the lack of a point guard, the aggies are not that good this year. I hope I am wrong, but that is the sense I get from this year's team. Blowing a 21 point lead at home to North Texas was a foreshadow of what type of season the aggies will have this year. Being critical of the Aggies does not make me a terrible fan. See you on Saturday Anon 9:38!

The Buss said...

Anon - December 6th, 9:38 pm.

You need to just shut up, that's what you need to do. EVL is a bigger fan than all of you put together, I can guarantee you that much. I'm a lot like him though, I doubed the hiring of Menzies from the start, this program had enough momentum that they could have taken an experienced head coach, but instead went straight back to Louisville.

If NMSU doesn't turn it on and do it soon, they won't even come close to winning the WAC. Utah State is pretty much intact from last year, Nevada will be tough, and you know Hawaii, Boise, and Fresno will be tough. This team just doesn't have it. For everyone that still thinks this is last season, wake up, open your eyes, we're mediocre right now. If you don't think we are, then where will you be if this team actually does win just 8 games?

And to the anon that I was speaking to at first, you're a gutless wonder and a fair-weather fan, nothing more. Go back to middle school and stop acting like you know anything.

Anonymous said...

Any updates? Fans are dying to know! Thx

katylied said...

So on the 5th we were supposed to have word in the next two days...and now it's the 8th...what a shocker that there's no yea or nay yet. If it wasn't for wasting Hawkins senior season and the weak WAC this year I'd say redshirt both of these kids..having said that I agree with keeping them this year if we can get them in before conference play.

Anonymous said...

We need more posts jg. And i dont mean centers and power forwards.

Anonymous said...

Menzies has got to go
when was the last time we lost 2 of 3 home games.

This 4-7 season is becoming a disaster.

Let me know if anyone is interested in buying my 4 season tickets.

Teddy said...

Regarding Young, I was told throughout the week that a decision would be made last week. Now it has been said that Monday something wil be determined. Apparently the NCAA did not hold up their end as far as reviewing Young's situation during the time they told the university they would.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that the comment from Fred Peete stating that "they did not change anything defensively against Stefon Jackson, from the first game". Coach Menzie is either not doing his job or whoever is assigned to setup the defensive game plan is not doing his job, but ultimately it falls on the head coach. If the defensive gameplan did not work in the first game, why does he think it will work in the second game. Good coaches make ajustment as needed, not continue doing what is not working.

Also the comment by Coach Menzie, saying "he now realizes how big the rivally is". He should have known this the first day on the job. We need to have a coach that is not only going through the motions of one game at a time and realize these rivally games are very important. It seems that we have taken two steps back from what Reggie had built and we are losing our fan base.
Don't blame Reggie for the schedule, he had the right idea of playing anyone anywhere. How do you think programs like Gonzaga got built. I hope Mr. Boston did not make a mistake in his hiring of Marvin Menzie, but it would seem like with the talent available to him, they would have alot more intensity on the court.

P.S. Stop playing so much zone and starting playing hardnosed man defense.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sold on Menzies by any means and so far he has not impressed. That being said I don't think there defense on Stefon Jackson was the problem. Guys like that are gonna get their's. 15 missed free throws and 22 turnovers, that was the problem last night. Additionally, UTEP took 17 more shots than NMSU. Doesn't matter if one guy scores 36 points or even all the points. Any one of the things I mentioned changes a little bit and NMSU wins and the defensive game plan of letting Jackson get his is a success.

Anonymous said...

"It seems that we have taken two steps back from what Reggie had built and we are losing our fan base."

Reggie was pretty much the idol of Las Cruces. It would not matter who Boston hired, the fan base would take a hit, even with a winning record. The Pope/Young struggle has a great deal to do with the lack of support as well.

El Paso said...

Can you say Sweep!!!

Down on the west Texas town of El Paso. Home of the River they call Rio Grande. Down on the border the town of El Paso. Home of the Miners the BEST in the land. Fighting till end the Miners of UTEP. Long live the College of Mines, the College of Mines. Loyal forever, we're standing together. Onward to victory Orange and Blue, we will be true!

Remember Aggies! You can never keep a Miner down. Better luck next year!

Anonymous said...

To anon who posted 12/9 at 5:44am:
The last time we lost 2 of 3 home games was either three years ago (before Reggie) or two years ago (Reggie's first year). Not too long ago - surely you remember.

And to the Miner fan, you definitely got scoreboard and have bragging rights on Aggie fans. But don't get too excited - you beat an average, if not mediocre, team by slim margins. And it took heroic efforts by your best player. Good luck with CUSA teams with better guards who know how to D up.

As for all us Aggie fans, oh nooo!!! We have definitely lost our home court edge. Our best chance for a competitive season may very well may be a weak WAC.
-Aggie Glare

Anonymous said...

El Paso wrote..

Down on the west Texas town of El Paso. Home of the River they call Rio Grande. Down on the border the town of El Paso. Home of the Miners the BEST in the land. Fighting till end the Miners of UTEP. Long live the College of Mines, the College of Mines. Loyal forever, we're standing together. Onward to victory Orange and Blue, we will be true!

--Border town? College of the Mines? Mines!? Not really things I would be bragging about...

Vic said...

I'm gonna say what Many Utep fans told me last year...after we swept them.
"Who cares about BB. We beat you in FB and that's all that matters."

Of course this is not how I feel. It just shows how Utep people think.

I'm a little peaved at Menzies comments after the game: "I didn't realize how big this rivalry I know what to expect."

What an idiot! Any rivalry is big, HS, College, Pros, etc.

Hey, Marvin Menzo. It's called the Battle of I-10 for a reason!

Anonymous said...

So I hear Pope is leaving L.C. He is fed up with waiting and he no longer has an interest in playing for Mr. Menzies. I knew that was coming. Menzies is taking us no where! This year will be a disaster and next year will be even worse!

Anonymous said...

Dude, where are you hearing that? From the street? If he is, it has nothing to do with Menzies. Boston hired a lawyer just for Popes situation. If he were to leave it would do him no good, he would not be able to be eligible any where else in the ncaa, would not get a draft pick. The best place for him to be is here and wait for things to be sorted out.

re: anon 5:46 said...

Why would you start a false rumor? Must be a loob fan. Anybody who has seen Pope at games can tell he is excited to be here, and is aching to play.