Monday, December 10, 2007

Joe Lee Dunn

It looks like NMSU is set to hire Joe Lee Dunn as the team's new defensive coordinator. Dunn confirmed that he was coming to NMSU on Monday.

Dunn is currently coaching at Ridgeway High School in Memphis. Dunn is formely of the SEC conference, where he served as defensive coordinator of Memphis, Miss. St., Arkansas, and Mississippi. He also served as defensive coordinator for South Carolina in the late 80s and was head coach at University of New Mexico from 1983-86. He compiled a 17-30 record with the Lobos.

“I haven’t signed a contract but I have told them I would come there and be their defensive coordinator,” Dunn said.


Anonymous said...

A high school coach is going to run our defense?
On the bright side, he has coached in the toughest conference (SEC)in the land.

I'll keep my criticism to a minimum but, he has his hands full!!

Good luck coach. I really hope your the last piece of a bowl puzzle!

Anonymous said...

After researching him, I'm pretty happy we have him. He was a great D-coordinator for Mississippi State back when they were good in the late 90's and early 00's. They were always ranked high nationally. Hopefully he can do the same for us!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that NMSU is looking to provide Mumme a contract extention?

Anonymous said...

Mumme called Woody out of retirment to join him at SE Louisiana. Now he calls on a former D-1 college coach who has been relegated to the HS ranks the past four years. I'm not impressed, but wish them the best. Concur with anon - good luck coach!!
-Aggie Glare

Vic said...

Well, a big name DC didn't pan out.
Hopefully JL Dunn who, I know nothing about, will work out.
His predesesor would also say (one of many excuses) that, the spread offense was difficult to defend.
I wonder how Coach Dunn plans to defend the pass happy WAC?!

I used to get pretty excited about big name but, Mumme, Widenhofer and Menzies have made me more skeptical.

I understand that Mumme got an extension.
That's for recruiting purposes only and not for his 8-29 record.

Coaches use any negative they can in the recruiting war.
Mumme can now say: "I got a 1 year extension on top of the two years on my contract, I'll be at NMSU for a while. That's why you should come."

Maybe a vote of confidence is what the program needs.

Anonymous said...

A vote of confidence-ok,but that always implies that the Aggie faithful wind up shelling out MORE $$$ for even MORE empty & broken promises from these two losing coaches-and "votes" aren't cheap!

Anonymous said...

For you that don't know Joe Lee Dunn probably brings more to the table as a college football DC than Woody ever did. I think this is the perfect hire. Spent 1 year at highschool, big deal. Probably gave him a chance to recharge his tank he will need it a full tank in the WAC

Anonymous said...

Dunn was looking for place to to lay down and retire; he was coaching high school ball in Tennessee.

This is an absolute desperate hire no matter how you look at it.

The reality is that there are absolutely no up and coming college coaches that would think for minute about hitching their wagon to the Mumme train.

What does coach Dunn have to lose by joining Mumme? NOTHING

Whether he is successful or not over the next 2/3 years, and I hope the program is successful, Mumme must go at the end of his contract. Is there anyone out there that thinks this guy is anything other than an untrustworthy dirt ball?

Shanker said...

JL Dunn is a defensive guru in college football. He is one, if not the best defensive coordinators to coach the game. Vic your an idiot. Check his bio, DC at NM when they were 10-1. DC at South Carolina, DC and head coach at Ole Miss and Miss State, DC at Memphis. Trust me the pass happy WAC is worried that JL Dunn is back.