Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Apparently ....

Apparently Jahmar Young's case has been moved up the ladder within the NCAA, which helps explain why a potential decision has been moved from last Friday to some other non-specified time.

On Wednesday, I was told that Young's file was considered by a committee last Friday, but has since moved on to an advanced level committee.

I'm working on a story where I tried to address some of the questions that I have seen on this board and others. It just attempts to clear up some of the initial eligibility hurdles that Pope and Young faced.



Anonymous said...


Do you feel that NMSU is not telling the FULL truth about the Young /Pope issue. Also how much is NMSU paying for that legal Firm to Represent Pope amd what are they doing.

Crimson Brew Crew said...

I bet Marvin Menso is praying for these top 50 players to get cleared soon.
Since he has no passion, drive or coaching ability. He hopes he can hide his negatives w/ talent.

Hey, Menso.
How about a road win this year!

EVL said...

Does anyone have freethrow tips for the Aggies? This was a problem last year (Bosie game)and still is a problem this year. They would of beat North Texas and utep with freethrows.

If they make 75% of their Freethrows, they will win games. What do you all think?

Oh! Are Pope and Young good freethrow shooters?

Anonymous said...


My question is about how common are these constant delays?

How many clearinghouse cases are still open for players this year? 100's? 25 or less? NMSU is the only one?

Also how complicated is this process? This clearinghouse process seems more complicated than open heart surgery. Is it?

They make it seem more complicated and more important than open heart surgery and brain surgery combined. Is it?

I agree with anonymous above, something does not seem right here. Either NMSU is not telling the full truth, or the Clearinghouse is run by "The Man".

Or both.

What say you?


Teddy said...

I honestly don't think Herb is going to play here. I've heard different rumors, nothing concrete. I just think that the system should not work this way and that something isn't right. I know that's not what Aggie fans want to hear, but you're just getting my gut feeling, nothing more, nothing less. Sorry....

Anon: Guy who Annoys EVL said...

I agree. We suck at free buckets. I don't understand why we don't invest more time in this area.

???? said...

Rumors? I understand journalistic integrity, but the sooner these are brought to light in some forum, the quicker they are either verfied, or dismissed.

Vic said...

I think Teddy's right. We probably will never see Pope in an Aggie uniform.
You would think that he's dissapointed w/ Menzies coaching.
Once he gets cleared, he will transffer.

Anonymous said...


So with your last gut comment that would led us to belive that NMSU is not tell us the full story I do not think this will be the first time. I feel sorry for Herb Pope he is getting snowed by both the NCAA and NMSU.

Anonymous said...

Those gut feelings are going to turn out to be correct. Did anyone see Pope at the last home game? I've heard that he has already left and is going to ask for a transfer. I don't blame the guy. He has suffered enough with clearing house, and now to stay and play for Marvin Menso. Nope- Our hope and our Pope are gone!

Anonymous said...

I have an honest question: how can you all question Menzies coaching so early in his career? I agree he started out flat footed, but if you haven't noticed him making strides, being more passionate, and actually emphasizing defense, then you are blind.

M.H. said...

Anybody else think that maybe this year's Aggie bball team is just not that good? They don't seem to be focused on the little things, and as much as I like him, it looks like JHawk is just doing his own thing. He shoots three-pointers now? I liked his post moves, but this year he seems to be auditioning for the NBA draft.

Chris Cole plays a good game, but has anyone else noticed the defensive liability. I thought the zone was something Menzies has gone to just 'till our guys get in better shape, but now I am starting to see a lack of defensive skills by all. Mckines is our best rebounder, so what does that say about the effort of our returning players? This team is hard to figure out.

If I were Menzies, I owuld have the team just working on their conditioning until we can go full-court man-to-man to force turnovers and maks our poor outside shooting. Again, we would have to play more than seven guys a lot of minutes to pull that off, and maybe Menzies deserves more credit for figuring out we just aren't that good of a team this go 'round.

Chile Duck said...

One conspiracy theory I have no reason to advance other than it has happened before is that a school who is interested in recruiting Pope for themselves could have been responsible for the clearing house challenge, because if Pope isn't cleared, his NLI is no longer binding, and Pope can be signed to a new NLI by anyone, without a release by NMSU.

Anonymous said...

No wonder attendance sucks so bad because everyone in this town is constantly criticizing Menzies. Were you all really expecting to beat Duke and Texas? Also North Texas is a NCAA tourney team from last year and beat Oklahoma State at home. Sure it was a bad loss but Theus had a bad loss at home when we blew a big lead. Remember Sam Houston State?

You fans expect too much already criticizing Menzies one month into his coaching career. Menzies is a good coach. The team has really improved in the last month. The team was bad at free throws last year as well but we made more free throws than anyone in the country and also attempted more than anyone in the country. The team has really been going inside more often the last few weeks and is starting to look a lot like last years team.

The team is still coming together. They look a lot better than they did at the beginning of the season and we will be fine come WAC play.

Menzies is a good coach and if you can't see that then you must be blind. No wonder attendance sucks so much in this town. If you have such a problem with Menzies then go cheer for UNM because I am tired of you stupid ass fans.

Anonymous said...

ok the last poster is a clown.

did we expect them to beat duke or texas.. ok maybe not, but how about look like:

1) you care
2) it hurts when you lose
3) you can respect a rivalry (did louisville ever play KY? and did someone have to explain that to him too...)
4) Largly the SAME TEAM was tied with texas last year with minutes to go.. and this year they don't even have Durant!
5) North Texas.. really?

The last poster needs to realize the Aggie Basketball coach is arguably the most visible public figure in Cruces and when the person is unsuccessful as Menzies has been he needs to be criticized hard. When Sacramento plays Phoenix you think Reggie can buzz out to run a couple practices?

Anonymous said...

These comment threads are becoming much like Sound-Off...Lots of ignorant misinformation being spread around. Why don't you guys come down to with your ideas, and see how they fly. Yeah I'm talking to you anon 9:21.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so shocked about North Texas? If you were a fan before Reggie came to town, games against North Texas were some of the or the hardest games of the year. Not to mention we would lose to them at home. They are no cupcake. That doesnt mean we shouldnt have blown the lead. Bad games happen, but dont judge a man's career for 12 games, and especially one half of a game.

About Reggies in Sacramento, how do you think that town likes him right now? Or do you think he wishes they would give him more than 20 games to judge his career. Does that mean Reggie is suddenly a horrible coach because of his rough start with a new team?

Give the man a chance.

Anonymous said...

You can't call last years team and this years team largely the same team. Last years team had tons of experience with 5th year seniors Ingram, Knauber, Davis, and Fisher as well as Tyrone. This years team is replacing all those players with freshmen and we have fans expecting us to compete with Duke and Texas? Unbelievable.

You can't just lose players like the ones above and replace them with freshman and expect to be even better.

Menzies is a good coach and if you can't see that then you must be blind. Against UTEP he had a great gameplan. Our strength is to pound the ball inside and Menzies used that gameplan perfectly as we had a ton of trips to the free throw line. Menzies also had a great defensive gameplan. Stephon Jackson and Cullpepper were well guarded most of the night and made some amazing shots with hands in their faces.

A coaches job is to put the players into a position to win the game and Menzies did exactly that. It is up to the players to win the game. Such as make free throws.

This is one lousy fanbase as shown by the really low attendance this year. After one trip to the tournament fans in this city expect the team to be amazing and then abandon them after a few losses. Sickening.

The Buss said...

There's the problem, before Reggie came to town, we were used to watching NMSU lose games like the North Texas. Say what you want about him, but Theus was a heck of a coach, he earned his money here. They brought in Menzies, and he looks like a deer caught in headlines, and ever worse than that, he doesn't seem to care. We need someone who will come in here, rock the boat a little bit, shake up the rivalries, fill the seats, and win games. After all, that is the point of COMPETITIVE college sports, to win. So all you anonymous morons who want to sit around and give Menzies credit for trying, go back to coaching kindergarten t-ball, because if you can't win on the D-I level, you really should't be here, especially when your predecessor could get it done.

David said...


It's funny you say Menzies looks like a deer caught in headlights. I say funny, because according to your blog you didn't even go to the UTEP game. What about the UNM game (you know we won)? My point in bringing this up, is how can you ever make such a comment without observing the man recently? At the beginning of the season, I sure as heck would agree he looked scared out there. However, he has shaken that off, and is coming into his own. Are there still some growing pains to overcome? I am sure there will be, and I'm sure you will be ready to attack when they do. Also I don't see where you are coming from, "he doesn't seem to care." Bold statement with little to back it up. For someone as educated as you are, you should know, perception does not always equal reality.

Your agrument comparing Reggie and Menzies is somewhat absurd. You say we need a boat rocker ala Reggie, but why? You don't say that. Reggie was great for this community, I agree. Good looks, charisma, and the energy to bring it all together. His antics rubbed some people the wrong way, but who cares? He was ours. However you must look at the flip side of the coin. His coaching methods at practice and at games were suspect, and his X's and O's were lacking(you need to hear about some of the stuff that went on in the locker rooms). But hey we won a boat load of games last year, and went dancing. So he is obviously a better coach than Menzies, right? Wrong, as some have already stated, Reggie went through his own share of growing pains the first year before bringing it all together the second season. Here we are a little over a month into the season, and you are already looking to find a new coach?

I say we need a coach that gets the job done, regardless of his demeanor. Menzies is going to bring in talent just like Reggie. Menzies is going to prove to be a better in-game coach as well, IMO. Once everybody gets on the same page, which doesn't happen overnight, things will come full circle. We will compete and win. Isn't that what everybody wants? Or maybe we can just start cheering for the Sacramento Kings. How are they doing this year?


David A. Giron
Not an "anonymous moron"

P.S. Just because you attach your name to comments, doesn't make them anymore right or wrong than those who choose not to.

The Buss said...

Well David, you've certainly proven how clever and genius you are. Did I ever claim that my arguments are more valid than anonymous posters? No, but in your arrogance, of course you jump to those conclusions. Thanks for reading my blog by the way, and just because I haven't been able to make every game doesn't mean I don't get to have an opinion in the matter, it's short sighted and basically stupid of you to assume that.

You sure make a lot of claims yourself without ANY backup at all. You say Menzies will do this and Menzies will do that, but you're just talking out of your butt. I'm not saying fire Menzies, but yet again, you assume (and we all know what happens when you assume, you make an a... oh forget it, you wouldn't get it anyway).

I don't feel you have any place comparing first year Menzies to first year Theus. Reggie walked in here with not much to work with. Menzies walked in with a team that, on paper, even minus Pope and Young, was at least as good as last year's WAC CHAMPION Aggies team. Did Theus have that, NO he did not.

So how about this David, you stop picking people out of the blue to pick apart until you're out of diapers, it just makes you look and sound contrived.

-The Buss

P.S. They call it ENGL 101, look into it.

Mike said...

I wouldnt exactly call Fisher, Knauber and Nelson and Davis nothing to work with. Actually I would call them a whole lot more to work with. Figuring out who will show the most leadership at the point is a VERY hard task and takes time.

Cole seems to be the guy, but it didnt happen overnight, nor could have Reggie done it. Thats why he was lucky to have Elijah already there.

Have some knowledge of the team two years ago before you start saying what Reggie did or didnt have. Keep in mind that three of those key starters mentioned above are gone and Menzies has to adjust to that. So Buss, are they REALLY as good as last years team?

David said...

HAHA. Sorry it seems you are above reproach. My mistake. However, not once did I say you weren't entitled to an opinion. I was just offering up a counter-point. Again, I apologize, I didn't think you'd take it so personal. I thought we were adults here, but you're ad hominem rebuttal proves otherwise.

Silly for me to think that you actually have to observe a person to offer up a credible opinion. I've only been to every home game, but one. I only went to El Paso for the UTEP game. I am only going to Albuquerque for the UNM game. What I see, despite being contrary to what you say, is moot. As you said, I am stupid. Sorry for picking on you, and hurting your feelings. Please accept this apology.

I'm still puzzled why you choose to pick on Menzies, with little to draw from. What are the points of your posts to continuously say Reggie was better? You sure don't want Menzies here (or is implicitly forbidden too?) . What am I too think other than you wanting someone else to have the job?

So for the last time, I'm sorry oh wise Buss. I'll never question your opinion again. Blogs are no where to do that sort of thing. They are made to so people can bitch and moan. You do a stellar job. Keep it up bearer of inarguable opinions!



P.S. It's called Engl 111 at NMSU. Me did not so good.

The Buss said...


Just in case you were wondering, blind sarcasm doesn't pass as actual intelligence. It was funny to read though, you probably went to UTEP, right?

David said...

And all your retorts lack humor and intelligence (but the grammar is impeccable).

I'm a full blooded Aggie since you were wondering. Father is an alum, along with my three siblings.

I'm done wasting my time on someone who can't have an actual debate without making it (and taking it) personal. I'll never pick on you again precious. Good day.