Sunday, September 30, 2007


I would not worry too much about the NMSU game against Pine Bluff this past weekend.

I mean, obviously there is some cause for concern. But the truth is out. NMSU is a decent team, not great, but not horrible. The thing is with the Aggies is that they play with their competition. That is good and bad.

They didn't respect Pine Bluff going in. For UAPB, it was their Super Bowl. For the Aggies, it was a letdown game, coming off of UNM, UTEP and Auburn. They didn't take Pine Bluff seriously. And they could easily have a game like that down the road against inferior competition. It's just the mindset of the team. They play with a swagger. Again, this is good and bad.

If Holbrook is healthy, they will battle Boise. Don't read into this past week too much. They could look great against the Broncos and offensively, with all their pieces back, they should move the ball. Again, Holbrook needs to be healthy for this to happen.

In two weeks, against La. Tech, they will look like an entirely different team. NMSU believes they can and should beat anybody. Considering they have won seven games in the last three years, they are an extremely confident bunch. And sometimes it looks like they don't respect their opponent. That's a good thing when you go against top-notch competition. It can be very dangerous when you play a bottom feeder, hungry for attention.

It was a scare. But they got the win. In the week-to-week world of football, sometimes that's all that matters.


Anonymous said...

A loss is a loss, and a win is a win. I'll take the latter any time!

I felt pretty bad after the game but, put some thought into it.

1). 3 of our top receivers and an important reserve were out.
2). We just played three straight (UNM, Utep & Auburn) emotional games.
3). This was a trap game and we get caught looking at Boise St.

It's true. we play like our competion. That's usually good except, for this past weekend.
We need to go out finish up the inferior teams (Utep, Ark. PB) and quit screwing around w/ them!

Let's beat Boise St. on national TV!

Anonymous said...

Excellent summary. Let's hope they can learn form overlooking opponents but that does happne every week, look at last Saturday's scores. What's the latest on Chase? One positive is that we are 5-2 over the last 7 games. Pretty good effort

Anonymous said...

How about Paul Young! Came in and saved the day.
His confidence should be thru the roof!
We will need his kicking later this year.

Teddy said...

You got to give Young credit. His first kick in the fourth quarter looked horrible. That game had nightmare written all over it. But he came back with poise and got the game-winner through. He's still shaky, but he managed to buck up and find a way late. This team is crazy. They will be up and down all year. I really think they'll play well against Boise, it's just their nature. Of course, Chase needs to be there. His status is still unknown

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Paul Young warm up as it comes near the time to make a kick? He stands on the sideline and watches the game, at least run around and warm your legs.

Anonymous said...

Young needs some good coaching. Obviously he won't get it from Gerela!!

SM said...

A win is not a win when the win does not count. I know, kind of a tongue twister, but it's true. While a loss would have been the most devestating, Aggie fans have to come to grips with the fact that the Aggies are not an improved football team. Holbrook is making constant mistakes, our running game appears to be better but we are a passing team, and we are still struggling with the kicking game (however, hats off to Young for coming through).

I hope Holbrook is healthy, because otherwise, our season is done. Even if he is healthy, how many of you think we can win more conference games? Sure, assume we beat Utah State and La Tech, and lose to Boise and Hawaii. How do we even think about beating Fresno State or Nevada, both of which look to be solid this year? I don't think we beat either team (Nevada is better in talent, Fresno has better coaching).

The games that are up for grabs are Idaho and SJSU. We might take one of those games, we might not. All I know is that we struggled with two bad 1-AA teams, not bad 1-A teams. Ark PB got blown out by Southern Illinois by almost 60 points the week before last. It is naive at best, outright psychotic at worst, to think that the Aggies, as they are playing right now, can come close to competing in the WAC.

I love the Aggies, but it is more of the same this year. The only difference with this year is that we have some players that are unbelievable and will play on Sundays. The injuries are not an excuse for me either. Theoretically, even our back-ups should be better than 1-AA players, right? If that is not correct, then we have some dark days ahead when these back-ups take the reigns.

Teddy said...

If Holbrook is out, they are toast, I agree. He has made mistakes, but their backup is a freshman. Chase is a warrior and I wouldn't be surprised if he gives it a go, but if he's not at full strength it will be a major struggle. I know McDermott has talent, but is the backup position in such a state of flux where he has to be the No. 1 guy if Holbrook goes down? I guess so. Not good. Without all the troops there, Boise will ram NMSU's head into the blue turf. They need to get healthy immediately or this season will go up in smoke.

Anonymous said...

Chase was using crutches to get around campus.
Boise St. is in for a cake walk.

Teddy said...

Yeah they are

Anonymous said...

I can't see us beating or scaring Boise w/ Chase in crutches.

Boise can go thru the motions and still kill us on national TV!
Ah, s#!t!

Anonymous said...

Why would you use crutches for a rib injury or was it anohter injury he had? Put in the wishbone and let's surprise them
I think Chase has some other injury that is not out ther if he was on crutches. Maybe a knee or ankle?

Anonymous said...

you know something teddy?

David said...

Crutches smutches. It's Tuesday. He has time to heal..Wouldn't crutches be hard on your ribs?

This TEAM, this AGGIE TEAM, is just one big game from turning the corner, and people talk like we are 0-12.

Get a grip. We fell asleep at the wheel. Ark PB were those wake up lines they have on the interstate. A little confidence goes a long way.

Teddy said...

I don't know anything. Mumme is very secretive and has that program on lockdown. He cut practice and the players from the media this week. But if someone said they saw him on crutches, I wouldn't be surprised at all. Mumme told me Manumaleuna played last week and I knew that he didn't. So why would he feel the need to tell us about what's bothering Chase? Anything could be wrong with him. It's just hard to get a straight answer. The only certainty is that Chase is hurtin'. He took a shot the other night. It looked to me like it was the upper body but nothing would surprise me at all.

Anonymous said...

Crutches, smutches.
Even if he's not using crutches. Breathing and walking are a task with injured ribs.

I have no idea how Chase can play this weekend.

Boise St. will no have a problem dismantling us, minus Chase, Cleaver and AJ!