Friday, September 14, 2007

UTEP game

I think NMSU wins Saturday 38-31. High scoring affair, obviously lots of offense, not a lot of D.

NMSU will have to force some turnovers. Pressuring the backfield will be key. The Aggies are going to turn it loose a bit more and bring some heat. With that, they hope they can protect the secondary which got burnt frequently last week. Force young quarterback Trevor Vittatoe to throw it when he doesn’t want and get it going the other way.

Numbers offensively will be in abundance. Chris Williams – the Aggies’ best player, hands down – will have a field day. Holbrook will find him and when Williams is covered (more like triple-teamed), the ball will go to Dubois and Harris underneath. The running backs have been strong too. That won’t change. Big days for both, both via the run and on quick shovel passes and dump offs.

As for the Miners, the running game will be their bread and butter. Watch them pound the Aggies on the ground. I think that Vittatoe could struggle though. His performance, like UNM’s Porterie’s last week, will determine the game. Last week, NMSU turned it over late playing catch up. I think the shoe will be on the other foot this time around. Look for the youngster to make a big mistake or two that will turn the game in NMSU’s favor.

For all intents and purposes, this is a must-win game for the Aggies. If they lose another heartbreaker, then how much has really changed since last year? Record wise, nothing. Stat wise, nothing again, especially if the D struggles. Big week for Aggie football.

I’m looking forward to it. Last week’s game was emotionally draining. This week’s should be another down-to-the-wire gutwrencher. Football season in full swing. Good times for all.


Anonymous said...

As a fan, I'm tired of working in El Paso and getting an earfull of Utep.
I'm sure the players are even more fed up and are due for win!

It's our turn to shine and get all the local media atention. We need this game!

SM said...

This is absolutely a make or break game for the Aggies. A loss to both of our rivals, again, would indicate this team has made little, if any, progress from last year or the year before last for that matter. Remember, in 2005 we did not have any cupcake 1AA teams, and the bottom of the WAC (La Tech and USU) were not nearly as bad as they were last year.

The defense needs to come up with stops in the second half, period. Whether that means more blitz packages, better defensive back play (good luck), or garnering some turnover's, there is no way we can play how we did last week on defense and win this game.

On a side note, it looks like the Miners will have as many, if not more, fans at the game as the Aggies. Their entire side sold out and now NMSU's section is going quick. Way to step up for a rivalry LC.

Anonymous said...

As an alum living in EP I decided to wear my Aggies shirt to work. I've gotten an ear full all morning. Which I'm sure will pale in comparison to what I'll hear if the Agg's cant manage a Win tomorrow.

As for the "crimson out," I can only hope that it happens but the news of utep selling their side out isnt promising. I'm hoping that when they say "side" they mean section. Because lord knows that when the game is in the sun bowl we only get 1 section. and not the whole side.

Anonymous said...

Enough talk, game time!

Good teams win close and games.

As Reggie Theus used to say; "You must take care of business at home!"

Teddy said...

This will be my first UTEP, NMSU game. If the number of UTEP fans squash the amount for NMSU, it will be an embarrassment.