Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hatchett, West are in. Young still on hold

Stephon Hatchett and Chris West have both been cleared by the NCAA clearing house to play this weekend. Both players performed well enough in the summer to move up the depth chart into backup roles. Hal Mumme said he was unsure how much time they would get this weekend.

Kicker Paul Young is still up in the air. Apparently, the clearing house is having a hard time tracking down some of his transcripts. Young looks like he’s the preferred kicker to Ryan Jastram. Jastram hit all his extra points last week but shanked a chip-shot from short range. What if the game this weekend is a battle and comes down to the kicking game? Hopefully, Jastram can boot it through under pressure if Young isn’t given the green light.


Anonymous said...

I just hope the game doesn't come down to the kicks.
Hughes Isn't eligible as freshman in the fall! What an air head!

The other kicker missed a 20 yarder!

Chase and Co. will just have to put points on the board.
The defense is much improved and will hold it's own!

Anonymous said...

Most freshman FB players don't loose eligibility until the end of the fall semester.

You see this during bowl games. Players are ruled in-eligible during the winter break.

This kid and Randell Bell have to be real dumb if they are only one week into their college careers and can't cut the grades!

I think the team is due for a big win on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Excuses, excuses,3 years, 14 kickers and they still do not have a decent D-1 A caliber place kicker. Does Mumme even know that kicking is one third of the gamme? The average kick off was only 51 yards after the last game, (net 37 yds). Does Mumme even know that they are kicking off from the 30 not the 35 now? He better figure it out real quick or every time they kickoff they will be giving the other team excellent field position. It might be time to hold on campus tryouts for a kicker like he did last year. Maybe a golfer or a cheerleader can help!

Anonymous said...

Let's not get too excited about the kicking situation. I think, when you look at the sheer number of kickers they brought in (very late in the recruiting process too, I might add) I think you'll see a concerted effort to upgrade the kicking woes from last season.

And, let's not be calling kids dumb. They are, afterall, just kids, and sometimes other priorities take precedence. They didn't make it witht he grades, so we move on.

Anonymous said...

We need the kicker and punter from SELA. Those guys had some BOOTS! C'mon coach use whatever links you have left there to bring those guys to a D1 school and finally put an end to our kicking woes.

Anonymous said...

Mumme has had plenty of time to recruit. Why is it that other D1-A programs can sign an keep a good place kicker? These guys have had plenty of kickers with decent credentials through their program over the last three years and not one kid has returned for a second season. Why is that? I think something is very wrong with the kicking program (if they even have one)at NMSU!