Sunday, September 23, 2007

Things of note

A few things to consider from Saturday's game.

First off, the Aggies played very well in the first half. The offense had no problem moving the ball up and down the field on a powerful defense. Holbrook completed 20-of-23 passes in the first half. 20-of-23. He spread it around too. It was impressive.

His three picks though ultimately cost the team the game. The first one hurt badly because the team came out of the gate in the second half and immediately began moving the ball. The turnover came in Auburn territory and was deflating.

The second was more crushing, coming with NMSU backed up deep. Obviously the team was harnessed, without Derek as it was and then losing AJ and Cleaver. Those are three big targets. But the picks still came and they still hurt.

NMSU was not expected to win it but and upset would have been classic. For a second it looked like they could give Auburn a run.

Young missed a PAT. The defense didn't play as bad as the 55 points would indicate. They were put in some poor spots because of the turnovers. They did wear down as the game moved along and because of that got worked on the ground. If Cox or Burns had connected with their receivers downfield more frequently, it could have been a different story.


Anonymous said...

I'm very dissapointed w/ Dubois and J. Williams. Two veteran players breaking team rules is, un-acceptable!
They let the entire team and community down.

One of the thing that I admired from Chase last year, was his ability to take care of the ball.
His Int's. are ahead of last years pace.
I hope he get's rid of the Int. bug before conference play.

Big ups to the entire team. Although short on personnel, they weren't short on heart!

Anonymous said...

Pretty good summary Teddy. i thought the defense played awesome against Auburn. Two of the three picks looked like very good defensive plays that Chase probably would have gotten away with against other teams. The one at the 4 yard line was just a bad throw that shouldn't have been thrown. Hopefully he can shake the bug he's already at his total for all of last year. Great game against a quality team last Saturday much better than the final score shows

Go Chase, Go Aggies

Anonymous said...

I guess they don't tell you what is going on either, it would have been nice to hear about this before the game rather than after. Could we have some comments now on what the heck was the story with Dubois(a captain) and J. Williams not even going on the trip? If this incident had not occurred, we might have had a chance in the game. They looked good until their lack of depth caught up to them. It is good that the team has a "bye" week now(remember, this game does not count because we already beat a I-AA school) to hopefully get over the injuries.

Anonymous said...

What is Gerela doing with the kickers? It's the same old performance issues. Missed extra point and short kickoffs. What are they paying this kicking coach for? He can not get the kickers where they need to be! You can't be a D-1A kicker and constantly miss at least one extra point and average 50 yards on your kickoffs every game! I know that the coaches have many other issues to be concerned with but this just shows that on many aspects of the game Mumme is clueless!!

Teddy said...

I don't know what it was exactly that happened with Dubois or Jeremiah. It seems serious because no one knows when they will return. I'm sure they'll be out this week against Pine Bluff. Derek has been a contributor all year and is a safety net for Chase in the passing game. Jeremiah has played well in the limited time he's seen action....Turnovers are a major problem for this team. They've been careless with the ball. Can't turn the ball over six times and expect to win....Kicking game is a major problem too. Paul Young has no confidence right now. His missed extra point was a wobbler off the goal post.

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that Jeremiah Williams is not happy w/ his role. He needs to accept his role or transffer!

Dubois is a Senior and (was) a captain. I have no clue what the violations are but, he should know better and lead by example.

I'm very dissapointed w/ these two clowns but, very proud of our team!

Teddy said...

I wrote a follow to the Auburn game for today's paper. I don't know if everyone found it online because it's not directly on the sports page.

You have to go to the separate Football 2007 link on the website to check it out. Enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Nice follow up.
I did notice that there were a lot of people wearing Crimson #7's at the game. That's nice of the family to travel and see Mr. Dependable play!

How serious are AJ's and Cleaver's ankle injuries?
Will they be ready for the Boise St. game on 10/7?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, excellent follow-up Teddy! With the way they played in the first half, I believe we have a great chance at Boise! Auburn will be the most hostile enviornment we've played in for the season and is a good prep for any of the WAC schools.

Teddy said...

Yeah, I think they might have a shot at Boise too. Easily! But I'm still genuinly concerned by the turnovers. The team is careless with the ball. That's a problem. You need to value your possessions in football. The Aggies play like it's a Wild West Shootout. Throw it here, throw it there and not worry about the consequences. But it does make them exciting and they feel like they can move the ball on anyone. Considering their record the last three years, they're a very confident team. And that's a good thing. They play with a swagger. Gotta hang on to the rock though. That'll cost ya

Anonymous said...

Teddy I agree with you that young has no confidence right now. This is because Mumme coaches his kickers as if they are linebackers or linemen. Kicking is 75% mental. Once a coach gets into a kickers head it is impossible for him to perform. Mumme does not know this. As I stated earlier in the season it will be hard for these freshman kickers to kick consistently for the team with the way Mumme coaches them. This is why he can't get a experienced JC kid to kick for him as they will not put up with his mouth and the poor coaching from kicking coach Roy Gerela!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Chase's interception are more due his trying to "fit"the ball into tighter places than last year. A qb can't really help the tip balls or deflections, but a couple of the int's have been squarely on chase. I'm sure he's not happy with already having as many picks this season as all of last year. Some of those have just been good db play, but it still puts the defense back out there when they just held someone to a 3 and out. My bet is that it gets better and the defense will continue to improve and they will get us a win or two on the road tht no one expects