Sunday, September 16, 2007

Game notes

A few things stood out to me regarding Saturday's game.

First off, the defense played better. I think a lot of this is because UTEP didn't have the offensive talent UNM did. Vittatoe wasn't as effective as Porterie although both seem similar in style. The Lobo receivers torched the Aggie secondary and the Miners did not have that type of firepower on the outside. I think with better play from their QB and a few more big plays on the outside and UTEP wins that game. They only put together one real offensive drive that ended in a touchdown the entire way.

One area of the defense that I think is improved is the front seven. The line held its own and Dante Floyd and La'Auli Fonoti both played good games. There are still some weak links at linebacker but the team played the run well. Marcus Thomas had to earn his yardage on Saturday and didn't top 80 yards on the ground. Even when they faced Ferguson of UNM, he had a big game, but he had to earn it. Front seven playing tough football against the run.

It's still early. The team will still be tested down the road. A nice step for the Aggies for sure, but not a finished product at this point.


Anonymous said...

Big up's to the Defense! They took it in the chin during the week and came play!

That Devon House kid is a great special teamer.
He had a nice tip on Uteps last offensive play!

Let's keep chipping away at Auburn!

Anonymous said...

Teddy, you have invoked RB J. Williams' name a couple of times in recent articles. However, his participation has been limited in the first three games. He had only 1 touch of ball the entire UTEP game. What is going on? NMSU's running game has fared well thus far without J. Williams, but could it be better if this kid was really "in the mix" as you have reported? What is the rationale of leaving your most verstile RB and last season's leading rusher on the sidelines? I'm having difficulty reconciling what I've read in your articles against what I've seen on the field the first three games. J. Williams has shown big play capability and needs to be thrown in "the mix."

SM said...

Our defense is better, and they stepped up when they needed to. I still feel shaky about our secondary if the QB has a little time to throw.

This was a big-time win that we needed, but I do believe we should have won by more. The interception, dropped TD pass, and two missed field goals in the red zone could have cost us the game. If we do not find a way to fix our kicking game, then we will lose a couple of those games against Fresno and Nevada that will come down to making field goals.

Anonymous said...

Quit being so negative.

Utep struggled because the Aggie defense kept bringing heat!
Mike Price acknowledged the defense too!
They learned from UNM and now are a better group.

Auburn is in dissaray and they go to Florida after they play us.
They are primed for an upset!

football101 said...

The Aggies have 11 starters on offense and 11 starters on defense who know the only stat that counts is wins. Will someone please let Mumme know that an individuals stats are less important than victory. Put Holbrook under center more, an offensive than runs the ball will wear down an opponenets defensive and allow their own D to be more rested in the fourth quarter. Great win.

Teddy said...

Huge win....Not trying to be negative but if you think the defense's problems are solved with one win, you're wrong. Realistically, all the D has to do is hold a team to 25 points and the offense will do the rest. The secondary still has holes, UTEP just couldn't exploit them....I don't know what's up with Jeremiah but Justine and Glynn both ran very well. Those two look like a strong tandem. Jeremiah will be on the outside looking in as long as those two continue to pound it. He has shown flashes in limited action so far this season.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the FB team ring the "Victory Bell?"
We win, beat our rival and the bell remained silent?!!!
It's one of our oldest traditions!

It would be nice for the team to run down the field (after introductions) right before kickoff, and rub the "Victory Bell."

Clemson does something similiar with Howards Rock and running the hill.

Rubbing the bell would be a sign of things to come...hearing that bell after the game!!

Anonymous said...

Short kickoffs, 1 for 3 field goal attempts, and a blocked extra point. What if anything is Gerela doing with these kickers? Every year it's the same ol thing with the place kicking. One of these games we will need one of those missed field goals and it will cost us a game! The short kickoffs already have cost us plenty!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what was up with Paul Young. He kicked very solidly against UNM in a very hostile environment, yet he had trouble with chip shots at home.

Teddy said...

Yeah, he looked a little shook...NMSU really should have beaten UTEP by more. The two missed field goals, the blocked PAT, the interception in the endzone. UTEP also had the long kick return to set up a touchdown. It could be viewed as a positive or a negative. Just depends if you're a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person.

Anonymous said...

I think, overall, all the miscues are a good sign - why? Because if you can win a game against a decent team (which I at least think UTEP will be by season's end) WHILE making so many mistakes, it says a lot about what you can do if you limit those mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at this as the glass half-full. In the past, with all the mistakes and missed field goals, we would have lost. The fact that we overcame all of it and still won is a big deal. I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot to be said for getting a good experienced JC place kicker. It's tough for these freshmen to kick of the grass with no block, right out of high school. That's why most 4 year schools recruit JC kids for a starting roll and have a freshman redshirt. Now that the kickoffs are moved back to the 30 yard line it is even more important to have a older college experienced kicker with a good leg to get the ball down to at least the 5 yard line. Why is it that NMSU recruits only freshmen for kickers? For a D1-A program it seems that Hal and Roy are doing everything backwords. Do they not know that place kicking is a very important part of the game? This will come back to haunt them at some point in the season by costing us a game!

Anonymous said...

UTEP has a lot of talent on their team. Teddy don't you know that UTEP has four guys who were high school all americans. Two of their running backs, and Two of their WR were all highly recruited out of high school and all transfered to UTEP. They also have some pretty tall WR, and a 6'7 TE who is really good. They have a pretty good OL who has only gave up I think 3 or 4 sacks all year. They did rush for over 200 yards against Texas Tech last week. They also have a linebacker who is a transfer from Arizona State, and another LB who is really good who is suppose to be one of the top LB in the nation. They also have a future NFL safty. NMSU just played good on Saturday. Overall the offense played great, and so did the defense. The defense came up with huge stops in the 4th quarter. Our defense only gave up 10 points, and the other 14 points came on the INT return, and the kickoff return to the 25 which put the defense in a bad spot. I think overall we played good. We held a offense who had way over 400 yards against Texas Tech in Lubbuck, and we held them to under 350. We have to give credit to our defense, because they came to play last night, and I really felt that will give them a lot of confidence, and I think they will come out fired up on Saturday against Auburn. Our defense this year is 10 times better than our defense last year.

Teddy said...

Hey, I think it's good too? Why? Cause NMSU won. And how many times have people said that in the last three years. And yes, it was against a more established team and a bitter rival. It was a must-win game and NMSU delivered. Gotta take a glass-half-full approach on this one.

Anonymous said...

It feels GREAT to walk around El Paso w/ NMSU apparel!

Defense stepped up. Auburn is in a bad mood and will come at us with everything. They travel to Florida and need something positive!

If we can go up and frustrate them early. I think we have a chance.
They will be coming for Chase. The line and RB's need to pick up those blitzes!

The defense needs to know their assignments and smack somebody in the mouth!

If Appalachian St. can do it, so can we!

David said...

Please lets not equate NMSU to Appalachian St. Even if it was a harmless comparison.

With that said, what's with all the nay-saying? The whole team stepped up Saturday, and it showed with a huge W. Sure Young showed his youth, but he's got potential. I think he'll be solid for our team. There's enough crying in these comments to fill up the Rio Grande. Chin up guys and gals. We won! Bring on Auburn -- We DO have a chance!

Teddy said...

I actually think Young is better than he played against UTEP. He was solid versus UNM and I think he just had a poor game the other night. I think he'll bounce back.

Anonymous said...

Hey Teddy, can you post some info or a link to the fan vote for the Davey O'Brien Award. We need more votes for Chase Holbrook!


Anonymous said...

Teddy I agree that Young may of just had a bad game. The only problem is that I know personally how Mumme treats his kickers when they have problems. It will be hard for this young man to put up with all the belittlement he will have to endure from Mumme with no help or backing from Gerela. Mumme has no positive reinforcement to give a struggling kicker. That is why he can't get any kickers to perform on a regular basis, and return for a second year. Just look at how many kickers they have gone through the past 3 years! I feel bad for Young and I really hope he does well in the future, but I know how Hal and Roy treat and coach kickers and it will be a uphill struggle for this kid! Good luck Paul Young your going to need it!