Saturday, June 30, 2007

Menzies wins big

Herb Pope telling the Sun-News that he will be an Aggie next year is good news for a lot of people and great news for Marvin Menzies.

Imagine if Pope bailed. It would have been a bad PR hit for the school and a horrible way for Menzies to get started. Instead, Pope decided to stay and Menzies wins big before the team even takes the floor. The team can continue its forward thinking mentality and view itself, as in fact, a program on the rise.

Now the school will need to hold on to him for the long haul. Wins will be the easiest way to do that. Success will breed a place where recruits want to come and play ball. And Pope staying could be the beginning of that. All the newcomers will be in Las Cruces come tip-off including the reluctant JayDee Luster. Then the real games will begin and the real winning will have to take place.

Pope staying was the first big win in the Menzies era before it was even 24 hours old.


Anonymous said...

No reports on Luster anywhere, is this a certainty?

Anonymous said...

BIG, BIG win for Menzies and the Aggies!
Herb will be corner stone for many years.

I know a lot of UTEP and UNM fans were really hoping we would loose most of our incoming class.
They figure, that's the only way they can beat us.

JayDee Luster is the only recruit that hasn't re-commited. He will be an Aggie after Coach Menzies talks to him.

Let's keep Pompey and Hauser on the staff. Archibald's actions say he want's to move on.

mizzle said...

I think everything will workout for the best. Menzies will get it all figured out and the Ags will be at the top. All that needs to happen now is for ol' T-Nelson to get his act together because he is a lot better than what he showed last season. With T-Nelson and co. at full strength, they will be just fine.

Alan said...

I couldn't agree more, Tedd.

I have been checking in online again and again to see what Pope decided to do!

What a break!

Teddy said...

Nothing is official over Luster. Apparently he is very middle of the road and Menzies plans on meeting with him shortly. My gut says that he comes to NMSU. And I think Pope committing will certainly help sway his decision as well. We all know Pope is the leader of this entire recruiting class.

Anonymous said...

rejoice aggies! rejoice!

Anonymous said...

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and now it's Tuesday...Whats the word on the assistants? I figured we'd have an announcement by now. Is there something holding up the process?

Anonymous said...

any updates on luster or the current assistants? leaving or staying put?

SM said...

I also agree that Luster will end up at NMSU. Reason being, a lot of colleges stopped following him after his injury. I'm sure the kid is weighing his options and looking at other colleges, but can he really find a better school than NMSU this late in the game. I understand that Herb Pope could have found a great school, but Luster, while he is a highly acclaimed recruit, probably does not have Pope's options.

Either way, I hope everybody is here come basketball season and I hope Menzies proves to be as good of a recruit as everybody says he is. We have a lot of good players leaving after next year and will have to fill some major holes.