Monday, June 18, 2007

Under center

Chase Holbrook put up big numbers last year and his name popping up amongst the NFL is not a huge surprise by any stretch.

I haven’t seen Holbrook take a live snap in a game as of yet but a few things do stand out to me when breaking things down. One, he threw very little interceptions while putting the ball in the air a ton. People say he has a strong arm and he does have nice size as well at 6-5, 235.

Still, questions will hound him if he is a “system” QB. NMSU’s offense asks him to throw, throw and throw some more. He has a ton of options in the passing game and uses them all effectively. Tim Couch garnered a No. 1 overall pick playing under Mumme at Kentucky and bottomed out as a pro. Right or wrong, people will ask the same things of Holbrook.

To say that he is a first-round pick right now is ridiculous and to say in 2009 he’s No. 1 overall is preposterous. A lot can happen this year and things change quickly in the NFL. All Holbrook can do is to keep producing in the offense — and lead the team to more wins. He’ll get his numbers. If NMSU can put up an improved season record wise, it will continue to add to his exposure. The supporters will point to the stats. The doubters will point to the system. The only guarantee is that he’ll continue to chuck it early and often



Vic said...

You sound like a UTEP or UNM grad.

You haven't seen him play yet, you call him a "product system?"

Have you even seen him take control of the offense?
Audible at the line?
Get on the linemens face when things aren't going right?!

This kid is a winner and will take us places but, you guys have ZERO rapport w/ NMSU Athletics and canonly follow stories from the AP.

Go back to Roswell and wait for the Aliens! Loser!

As always. you guys are late on reporting the Nevada players draft status, Reggie's NBA status and the Pan Am priority seating. Lazy losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aggiefan said...

Chase is a great talent. We all want him to be succesful at this level and the next. I hope your negativity is because of your lack of knowledge of our team. If not, go back to wherever you came from.

Len said...

???...well for once I have to defend TF. Negativity? I don't see that at all. He said Chase isn't going to be a top draft pick, I think that's pretty clear. It's much different throwing on NMSU in the WAC vs a BSC school. Let's see how well Chase stacks up against Auburn this season.