Sunday, June 24, 2007

Coaching list

Well, if you read the coaching list of candidates that McKinley Boston is going to interview in our paper, there are some very intriguing names to consider.

I think Boston is thinking young, unproven and wants to go with a slightly gutsy pick. Two guys that jump off the bat immediately are Rodney Terry and Cameron Dollar. Both seem to be what the AD is looking for – two guys who appear to have bright basketball minds, good recruiting records, look like they could relate well with players as head coaches. Texas’ freshmen class last season was ridiculous and Terry was on that staff.

I think you can eliminate Rob Evans from contention. He’s up there in age, and it’s just too close to the vest for Boston. Wayne Morgan doesn’t intrigue me greatly either. Internal candidates? I don’t think that’s a horrible choice but again, it’s too conservative for Boston. He’ll look to make a splash.

He said last night he has a favorite in mind. My money’s on him rolling the dice on Terry.

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Anonymous said...

I would be surprised if he went with the TX assistant. I think there is a bigger surprise out there...big on recruiting. Evans definitely would be too safe. Let's see....