Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lots to discuss

Wild day in The Nation, with much going down surrounding the Theus fallout.

Boston was downright giddy regarding the amount of interest shown in the job. It sounds as if some viable candidates are on the horizon and rightfully so. The NMSU job is a very attractive one as the Aggies have talent across the court. People are definitely wired up regarding the opening and it should be fun to see how things shape out over the next couple days.

While no player reaction was uncovered, some recruits were interviewed and that picture isn’t as rosy. Luster was genuinely hurt by the experience and doesn’t seem fired up about Cruces at all. It didn’t seem Pope was pleased either but he said the right things. And rightfully so. These kids aren’t coming here because of the proximity to El Paso and the view of the Organs. They came because of Theus. Boston will have to get the troops on the right page and the new coaching selection will have a lot to do with it.

Big week for NMSU and big week for Boston. He sounds optimistic and might have a few tricks up his sleeve



Anonymous said...

I try and read your blog periodically as I try to keep up with many college sports across the country. Is there a reason you never use people's first name? I have no idea who Luster is - Boston I assume is the AD - Theus I know. Is there some reason the basic journalistic principals of first reference identification must be thrown out on a blog?

Anonymous said...

Luster's comments bother me. I know he is hurt, but he needs to mature...quickly. In college sports, you have to be prepared for this. Reggie hurt himself because he made way too many promises. Yeah, I don't fault him for wanting the NBA. But I fault him for how he treated these young men. We want recruits that want to build this great program.

Anonymous said...

Any word on who has thrown the name into the coaching hat?

It's gonna be tough to find a charasmatic coach like Reggie. If he he's pretty young, he's gonna have to sell himself well to the prized recruits (Jaydee Luster, Herb Pope, etc), NMSU and the community. If he's older, hes go to have a heck of track record.

Heck, will we see Lou Henson on the sidelines?

In Dr Boston we trust.

Anonymous said...

list is long and pretty strong. i woul rather not have another reggie. i want solid coaching

Teddy said...

Coaching candidates....Rob Evans appears to be one, but that has been a no brainer from the start. Rumors have been running wild concerning the position. Anything can happen at any second though so we’ll see.

Luster's comments are a bit troublesome but he seems like just a real kid. If the right hire is made and the team moves in the right direction, no one — including Luster — will remember the remarks.