Friday, June 29, 2007

First impressions of Menzies

Marvin Menzies handled himself the best he could at Friday’s press conference. I don’t think he imagined the expectations that awaited him in Las Cruces. The Aggies are a talented team and people are expecting big things.

He will be asked to carry the torch that Reggie Theus ignited when he came here two years ago. One press conference isn’t going to determine how he’ll be as a coach when the bullets are flying at Duke or when the team goes on the road to Fresno. He won’t be Theus, who was personable, charismatic and, at times, inspirational. People didn’t see Reggie sweat in the line of fire. Menzies will be under the gun from the get-go and there will be no honeymoon period. He’ll be expected to win immediately.

If the Aggies slip from last season it will be considered a disappointment. Menzies can’t rock the boat and needs to get everyone on the same page. I think all the recruits will end up coming to Las Cruces and I believe the talent on the floor will be evident. He’ll have to make the pieces fit though. I think NMSU would be wise to bring its assistant staff back intact. I doubt all will return though. This is a big year for NMSU basketball and a huge hire for Dr. Boston. If it works out, all will be considered great. If it doesn’t, look out below



Anonymous said...

How many people were at the press conference?

Teddy said...

There was a good deal. I would say roughly 100, and if anything it was more than that. He got a strong round of applause upon entering. There were a lot more people there for Menzies’ welcome than for Theus’ goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I still don't know much about hime but, I saw the webcast and I'm really liking the the guy!

Gus Hauser and Chris Pompey were there but, Archibald was no where to be seen?!
He basically asked for the job and didn't get it. That's life buddy!
If he want's to join Reggie in Sacramento...thanks for the hard work, best of luck but, we need team players and your actions say otherwise!

I really think Pompey and Huaser need to be part of the team.

Stick around. We got a great things happening here and you can take us to another level big fella!!

Anonymous said...

herb pope is staying!!!! YESSSS!!!!! 1ST ROUNDS ON ME! *DANCING*

mizzle said...

I think everything will workout for the best. Menzies will get it all figured out and the Ags will be at the top. All that needs to happen now is for ol' T-Nelson to get his act together because he is a lot better than what he showed last season. With T-Nelson and co. at full strength, they will be just fine.