Monday, June 25, 2007

Meet the candidates

See my links section for bios on each NMSU basketball coach candidate.


Anonymous said...

They all look pretty good.

I really like Rodney Terry but, how much of kids went to UT because of him and how many went because it's UT?

Gib Arnold's up and down style will work with what we have and we also have the big guys to play 1/2 court if needed.

Rob Evan's has the most experience but underachieved at ASU and is 61 years old.

The coach from Lousiana Monroe doesn't convince me.

I'm glad I'm not in Dr. Boston's shoes. In Boston we trust!

Alan said...

wow this is great!


I like Menzes and Arnold based on these descriptions...I think Evans is too old and the UT guy is suspect seeing as though UT has been sooooo weak strategically...

cdonovan63 said...

I honestly think that Evans could be the best suit. He has fantastic experience and with any team that is going to lose 6 seniors like the aggies after this year needs a coach that can guide a young team.

Teddy could be wrong in this one by saying that Evans is a longshot.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

Anonymous said...

Arnold is the guy. He recruited great talent to twin falls IDaho, NMSU would look like the palace to twin falls. He we keep the rebuilding on track and take it to next level.

The Buss said...

They all look like they have good credentials. I almost feel like Boston should go recruit another big-name face.