Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reggie knows what he's doing

Reggie Theus, well, he has put himself in the best position possible.

First off, he was guaranteed $6 million which is good for just about anybody. Aside from that, it’s a no-lose deal. Worst case scenario, Theus fails in Sacramento and pockets the cash. He’ll still have a job waiting for him in the college game, possibly at a program with higher prestige than NMSU. And if he gets the Kings to scrape the .500 mark, he’ll look like a solid young coach on the rise.

He’ll be talking today at NMSU at noon to discuss the search and say his final farewell. After that, it’s off to Sacramento. I think he will surprise people on the next level



Len said...

Your other comment about Theus is questioning whether he will be able to relate to the NBA players and the x's and o's part now you are saying he might surprise. WOW you sure know how to take a stand dude. Btw...great job getting the Mumme story out...about two day's late. Sun new sport's motto "last on every story and proud of it".

Anonymous said...

What up with you len, if you could do better lets start reading your blog. Maybe you should apply for sports writer. Get off the guy's back, he is learning the system.

Anonymous said...

Hey Len,

Go out and get yourself a date.

Len said...

Can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I've given some props to TF on the Aggie board for the coverage of the coach search, thus far. Sorry but I call em as I see them and if people don't like it that's just too bad. I'll give credit when credit is due and bag on someone when I think they aren't doing there JOB...and yes this is his professional JOB as SNSE, so why should I give him a break. If he is a self respecting journalist he wouldn't want it any other way.