Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sources: Martin expected to return to NMSU

(This appeared in Tuesday's online edition of the Las Cruces Sun-News, then Wednesday's print edition. It has also long been speculated on the Cruces Sports Blog, and my Twitter handle)

Doug Martin is expected to return to New Mexico State University as offensive coordinator of the Aggie football team, according to multiple sources.

Martin served as offensive coordinator at NMSU in 2011 before being hired at Boston College last year. His tenure at BC was short lived, however, when head coach Frank Spaziani was fired last month.

The Aggie offense struggled last year under first-year coordinator Jerry McManus, who’s expected to not be retained by the program. NMSU is also expected to not retain the contract of special teams coach Keith Murphy, according to a source.

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Anonymous said...


I know Marin has been the best coordinator we have had under Walker, but is it really smart to bring him back? Martin shower once that he would bail for a better job very quick and there is no reason to doubt that would happen again. I know we want a competitive team next year but I wouldnt want a one year fix and then be searching for another coordinator. Find someone whonis willing to work and stay for more than a year.


Anonymous said...

How come I'm not impressed?If he was any good why is he at NMSU ?

Anonymous said...

Anon. 9:02
When Martin left it was very tough call for him because he really liked Cruces and where the team was going.
Eventhough, BC Coach Spaziani was in the hot seat. It was kind of hard to say "no", when BC doubled his pay and better his family. It was a no brainer.

The fact that he's coming back.
Verifies that he did like Las Cruces. Now if NMSU can open it's check book for him and other assistants...that's a step in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

He put up worse numbers at Boston College last season thanwhat McManus put up here. Without Thor and Kenny Turner he will be just another scapegoat for DW to blame when his defense does not live up to his hype.

Anonymous said...


So youre basically saying that unless we give him more money he wont stay if he has a successful year again? If he likes Las Cruces and is willing to make the team better then money shouldnt be the #1 thing holding him back.


Teddy said...

Bottom line: The Aggie offense needs to be better and it will be under Martin. According to my sources, Martin turned down an initial offer from Boston College last offseason and BC came back with a second offer that was just too good to pass up.

From my understanding, the Aggies are going to sign Martin to a two-year contract this time around. Again, nothing is official at this point, this is just the information I'm getting.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line Teddy is the DEFENSE has to be better! Does absolutely NO good to score a few more points here and there if the defense continues to give up more than the offense can produce. It would be nice if someone would actually put the blame where it belongs.