Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DeWayne Walker: QB competition will be open in 2013

During a Wednesday sit down, Aggie football coach DeWayne Walker said New Mexico State will have an open quarterback competition leading up to the 2013 season.

Walker said the three competing players will be incumbent Andrew Manley, junior Travaughn Colwell and senior Andrew McDonald.

Manley started all of last season and, frankly, had a down year. The team played Colwell in spot duty last season, mainly as a runner and not much as a thrower. McDonald was recruited from Santa Ana College, only to not take a snap (outside of meaningless, mop-up duty in a loss at Ohio).

“When you look at today’s quarterback, you see a lot of Colwell’s,” Walker said, referring to the QB’s athleticism and ability as a dual-threat player. “That’s what everyone’s going to. Andrew had a decent year. Not as good of a year as I thought he would have had coming into the season. Some of it is on us, coaching, it wasn’t all on him. With a very inexperienced offensive line. But at the same token, I want to approach this season that it’s an open competition at the quarterback position.”

Walker said he could not comment on possible changes to the Aggie coaching staff, particularly at offensive coordinator and special team’s coordinator. Such positions are currently filled on the team's website by Jerry McManus and Keith Murphy, respectively.

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Anonymous said...

If Colwell can work on his passing, he should beat out Manley and give us a fighting chance.

Anonymous said...

Walker must be reading the blogs, fansites, and SoundOff! boards. So he will say this to give the impression that he is open to change, then just like Marvin Menzies he will keep everything the same. We will go 1-11 next year and everyone but DW will take the blame.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:13

Are you serious??? Coach Walker is making his decision based on his experiences NOT the blogs. Any coach that makes decisions based on blogs, etc is making a VERY bad mistake. You should open your eyes and realize that Coach Walker has NOTHING to work with. No support (financial) from the athletics dept, community and a team consisting of 1 Star players. What do you expect? A bowl win? A winning season? Not going to happen if money and support doesn't feed the program. Have you bought season tickets or donated to any fundraising efforts by the football team? Probably not! We ALL should do this because that's what is needed not pointing fingers at the team or coaching staff. Just ask former Coaches Samuel and Mumme and I guarantee they'll make the same statement. No support!


Anonymous said...

I agree with JH on this one. Our athletic facilities kind of suck. The extension to the pan am might be decent but that's not going to help the football team recruit. We live in Las Cruces, its a safe guess most high school athletes have never heard of this town and theirs a reason why, so how else are we going to get them here? ... Good athletic facilities, improve the football, them work on the old Pan Am (isn't bad, but isn't all that great either)

Anonymous said...


Apparently you have no ability to read sarcasm into a post. That being said money will not fix a coach who does not make good personel decisions and stubbornly refuses to make changes based off of what talent he does have. I am tired of people attacking a program supporter with "have you donated or bought season tickets?" I am an alumn and tired of watching poor coaching hires ruin my alma matter. The money issue is an excuse to cover for the poor use of what he does have. Plain and simple!