Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aggie football coach won't be announced Friday

New Mexico State Aggie football fans hoping to get word on their next coach will have to continue waiting through the weekend.

NMSU will likely make an announcement early next week. Throughout recent days, general expectations has been the Aggies will remove the interim tag from Doug Martin's head coaching title. Still, nothing's official as NMSU wrapped up interviewing candidates on Thursday. Continue checking back with the Cruces Sports Blog for updates as things progress moving forward.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone knows it's Doug Martin.

Why did we have to go thru this lenghty process?
Why didn't he get promoted in the first place and all this damn drama?

I know why. Drag your feet Boston doesn't know the meaning of let's move fast!!

Anonymous said...

Misinformed. They're still interviewing candidates

Anonymous said...

Oh gee and the whole world is on the edge of their seats waiting to hear who will be the head coach of the best darn 4 year junior college in America.

Anonymous said...

National signing day is Wednesday and Boston continues to drag his!! What else can we expect from the worst AD in America!!!

Martin's the man! Stop with the BS and anounce it!
Talk about being a Drama Queen!!

Anonymous said...

I want to say there's some law/NCAA requirement that makes every school with a vacancy "open" the position to applicants for a period of time. I could be wrong though.

Anonymous said...

Why is Martin such a great hire? He failed at Kent St. Check his record. He will employ the same staff that only won one game last year and it was against an fcs (we know coordinators and position coaches are more crucplaysial to how the team plays). Plus he will run the same dinosaur schemes, and runt the same dinosaur program that cannot suceed at state. We need someone young and innovative who thinks outside the box. Its our only shot. We are not Alabama and will never have their players. Traditional football will lose at state