Thursday, January 24, 2013

Recapping DeWayne Walker's departure

It's late and it was a very long day. Of course we will bring you reflection and analysis from DeWayne Walker's departure from Aggie football in the coming days, but for now here are stories recapping today's events.

DeWayne Walker departes NMSU football. Click here for story.
Doug Martin is named interim coach. Click here.
A timeline of the DeWayne Walker tenure at NMSU. Click here.
Video of NMSU's Thursday press conference. Click here.
For an analysis video with myself and Brook Stockberger on the days events, click here.


Anonymous said...

But Teddy no one really cares about NMS ,this didn't even make the ESPN or ESPNU web sites so far.

Anonymous said...

So Coach Walker walked from a 4 yrs @ $375K/ yr contract, to an NFL DB coach??
Not sure what a position coach makes but I'm pretty sure it's not $375/ yr.

The reason he left was becuase he was frustrated with Boston & NMSU not "commiting to football."

Coach Martin seems very optimistic about NMSU's potential.
Tony Samuel called it a "gold mine" when he was hired in 1998.

While it has potential. The system NMSU is running will screw Doug Martin. just like Walker and just like Tony Samuel.

180 degree turn is needed and it starts by canning Boston!!