Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Littlejohn to interview with Northern Illinois?

Per Footballscoop.com, New Mexico State wide receivers coach/recruiting coordinator R. Todd Littlejohn will interview for a similar position at Northern Illinois. Sources familiar with the situation also indicated as such. Littlejohn is expected to interview this week at the 2013 Football Coaches Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

Littlejohn coached defensive backs his first year at New Mexico State before being moved to the offensive side of the ball just prior to the 2010 football season.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of coaches are leaving but, I don't see any additions and national signing day is less than a month away!!

Scary times indeed @ NMSU.

Anonymous said...

When isn't it scary @ NMSU?

Anonymous said...

How does a coach get hired from a team with a record like NMSU has over the last years?

Anonymous said...

aggies just lost another coach to join lindsey in san diego. walker and his staff know they cant win here. why do you think walker is looking himself for a defense coordinator job in california he want out to. Aggies need to go d 2 only way to do something.

Anonymous said...

A coach can get hired easily despite the record..if the fit is good, and the resources are there, and the coaching philosophies are on par, all is well. NMSU has athletes, CDW will just have to find that fit in personnel. Tough without a conference now, but feel these kids are here to play, and that is all that matters, so..Go Aggies!!