Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aggie football beat: Possible changes to coaching staff?

The Cruces Sports Blog is hearing of some possible coaching-staff changes coming within the Aggie football program.

If such is true, one would figure a new offensive coordinator could be coming on board in the not-to-distant future. Yes, it would make the fifth change at NMSU’s offensive coordinator post in five years (six if you count Hal Mumme’s last year as head coach at the school) but also not far-fetched to reason.

The reality is that the Aggie offense didn’t go anywhere under last year’s coordinator Jerry McManus. For McManus, it was his first time holding such a position — a veteran coach, yes, but a first-year offensive coordinator. After scoring 49 points in a Week 1 win against Sacramento State, NMSU averaged just under 16 points per game the rest of the way.

If such a change is made, expect the Aggies to give Doug Martin a long look to take back over. Martin coached the offense to a respectable level two years ago when the Aggies had a competitive 4-9 season under head coach DeWayne Walker (who still hasn't gone anywhere, by the way). Martin left this past offseason for a better offer from Boston College, but BC did not retain head coach Frank Spaziani after this year, making Martin a possible free agent once again.

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Anonymous said...

Time to send Jerry McManus and his "3 & Out" offense packing.

The offense never improved at all.
If NMSU is srious about turning this thing around.

Time to bring back Doug Martin and match what BC was paying.
No more nickel & diming, BOSTON!!

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me that McManus hasn't been fired?!! WTH?!

Anonymous said...

1. Bring back Martin (Whatever it takes)
2. Send Boston packing with Jerry McManus.
3. Invest in the team
4. Play less money games and more games we can win to hopefully attract a fan base to show up to a game.