Monday, October 31, 2011

Quotes to note

Quotes from Aggie head football coach DeWayne Walker from WAC football teleconference on Monday

On last week's game against Nevada
We looked like we could definitely compete with the top teams in our conference looking at the first half. That was probably the best that we've looked and we really played off each other. Obviously against a offensive team like Nevada you have to be able to match them and we were able to get some stops in the first half. Our offense was really able to match touchdowns when they did score. Felt like we just broke down in the second half, we weren't able to match them in the second half offensively. Too many punts and too many interceptions and defensively we just couldn't hold up. We just couldn't keep us in the game. It was a team failure in the second half but at the token, that's the best we played Nevada since I've been here and coach (Chris) Ault was very complimentary of our performance. I'm not into moral victories but, we definitely made improvement, we've just got to keep going.

On playing Georgia
Well, no rest for the weary. From Hawaii to Nevada to Georgia. This is murderer's row here. We've just got to prepare our team. One thing, we're pretty healthy going into this game so that's going to be a plus for us. We've just got to get our guys to pony up and try to be as competitive as possible and we'll see what happens.

If being bowl eligible is motivation for the team
That's a good question. I know I haven't really gotten to that level. We came into this season where we wanted to be more competitive. I think we're probably another win away, maybe even two wins away to start talking about that piece of it. Right now, we're just trying to get us another victory and once we can get us a couple more, I think that's when the conversation can be taken a little bit more serious.

On getting close to $1 million for playing at Georgia
That's probably a question for our athletic….I would love for all that money to go to football, to be honest with you. But I don't think that's going to happen. That's probably more of a question that probably should be handled with our athletic director. I'm going to stay away from that one.

How do you feel about playing an opponent like Georgia....what are you looking to get out of it
You get a chance to see up front what a good Southeast Conference football team looks like. Kind of get our kids ready to go. We play Fresno State after Georgia so it really gives us a chance to work on some things that we probably will move over when we play Fresno. I just think it's a good test to see our guys fight against a nationally ranked football team. I know my first year we played Ohio State, really we played them pretty good for one half before it got away from us. I just think it's a good challenge for our kids to be able to get into a situation, you know, David versus Goliath.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad coach Walker is not even touching the "bowl eligibility" bait.
1). 3-5 does not justify that type of talk
2). In Hal Dumme's 3rd season he started the season w/ bowl talk and finished w/ only 3 wins.

Interesting how Coach Walker handled the Georgia $$$ game.

You can read between the lines that he feels, Boston is throwing him to the wolves and he's not happy about it! I can't blame the man either.

Boston is an idiot.
Explain to me how playing a national power house helps NMSU FB the rest of the season?