Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Defending Hawaii quarterback Bryant Moniz

Hawaii quarterback Bryant Moniz is the best QB the Aggies will have faced up to this point of the season.

He had an off game last week against San Jose State — he threw three interceptions — but he’s a proven player, a perfect fit for Hawaii’s run-and-shoot offense, and should bounce back this week.

Hawaii is going to throw the football. The team lines up in four wide receiver sets with a single back and throws on virtually every down. Last weekend they threw the ball 46 times and ran it 17, with their running plays featuring draws and misdirections.

Moniz wants to get out of the pocket — that’s when he’s going to hit his big plays, particularly with his running ability. Hawaii’s offensive line doesn’t appear as dominant as in years past so....The Aggies are going to have to cage Moniz in. Make him be a pocket passer or a runner up the middle — something that he will do but it’s not his forte.

This contest will be the Aggies biggest challenge of the year up to this point — and toughest road test of the season through the first eight weeks of 2011. Hawaii enjoys a HUGE homefield advantage — they’re an entirely different team at home. I believe the beginning of the game will be critical — if Hawaii jumps on the Aggies early, NMSU could be in trouble. If NMSU can keep it close for a quarter, two quarters, they can make it a competitive football game.

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Anonymous said...

I'm expecting them to RUTS the Aggies.