Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Three Georgia running backs to miss Saturday’s game, another injured

The Georgia Bulldogs top three running backs were suspended for this weekend’s game against NMSU and top backup Richard Samuel will miss Saturday’s game with an injury.

Starter Isaiah Crowell and backups Ken Malcome and Carlton Thomas were suspended for unspecified violations of team rules.

This should make somewhat of a difference. Any SEC team the Aggies face would look to run over NMSU with the ground game. Georgia is still favored by 30-plus points with a fine quarterback in Aaron Murray, a good group of wide receivers and a very good defense.

This clearly isn’t the ideal situation for the Aggies — visiting Georgia in the middle of conference play. But would their ever be a good time for such a game? NMSU will get close to $1 million for the contest, which is A LOT of money for the school.

The Bulldogs are coming off a win over Florida and could be somewhat flat for this one. I think the Aggies can do some good things — I’m not suggesting a win is in order but I think they can keep moving forward and it could prepare them for the stretch run of their WAC season.

And that’s really the most important thing for NMSU at this point — to continue making strides and getting better. The Aggies really can win one or two more games this year and look to be primed to do big things next year in the new WAC.


Anonymous said...

This is a stupid, point less $$ game, that falls in the 2nd half of the season!

The Aggies are riddled w/ injuries.
Were missing 3 D-lineman, a starting LB, were down to our 4th string QB who, also happens to be our starting TE!! What good can come out of this game?

Instead of getting creative and finding ways to make $$ and giving CDW a favorable schedule. Boston has once again thrown coach Walker and the team under the bus, with a difficult and avoidable game.

I hope no one gets hurt.
However, if I were a player and got injured in this type of $$ game. I would find a lawyer and SUE, yes SUE, McDaddy Boston for putting me in harms way!!

Anonymous said...

Their third team would beat the Aggies by 30 points.Put this one in the loss column and stop living on hope Teddy.

Next year with all the good teams gone from the WAC they might have a chance but will anyone outside of Las Cruces care ,of course not.

Anonymous said...

"the Aggies really can win one or two more games this year"
Maybe, if they don't lose more bodies vs. UGA!

Who's the genius that scheduled a powerhouse in the middle of the season?
I forgot, it's our Mega Mind AD. Who claims to have Walkers back and is smarter than all of us, right?!

I bet you Boston doesn't listen to us complain about the scheduling and next year puts: LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, etc. right before WAC play and dead smack in the middle of the season!

Anonymous said...

Stupid game scheduled by a stupid AD!
Boston is the idiot that hired Menzies and re-newed hi contract eventhough, attendance is at it's worst and can't beat his rivals!!

He gives Walker a difficult schedule and expects him to win. He then gives Menzies every chance and he continues to wreck the program.
NMSU has the worst AD in the country, bar none!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31,
I've got news for you, hardly anyone inside or outside of Las Cruces cares about this team now, why wait 'til next year.

Myself, I'm actually looking forward to the new WAC so that we can hopefully experience some success. I could care less if we are playing junior olleges all year, as long as we win! We are never going to be a national power house, so might as well enjoy some wins. This might surprise you, but nobody else cares who we beat either. As long as the team starts winning, the fans will show up.

I do agree with you that scheduling an SEC game in the middle of the season is a poor decision. However, our budget is horrible, and we definitely need the money. I guarantee you Boston and Walker hate playing these games too. But instead of slamming the AD, maybe you should be more positive about the program and encourage some buddies to come support the Aggies on Saturdays. If enough people came out to the games, maybe we wouldn't have to play these paycheck games!

This years team is much improved, even if the wins don't reflect it. They are playing together, and have not quit. Our QB is playing with one arm, and we are playing without 3 starters on the D line. They have yet to be blown out by equal competition, and have shown some fight. Other than the Nevada game in Reno which the Aggies won, Mumme's teams would fold the second they fell behind. The only thing that upsets me about this team is the loss to Utep, and more specifically, the fact that Turner forgot his hands in the locker room and fumbled or dropped everything that touched him!They've bounced back nicely since then.

Give these guys some credit, and a little support.