Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last week, compared to this week

Last week the New Mexico State Aggies faced a University of Hawaii team that threw the ball early and often.

All things considered the matchup wasn’t bad for an Aggie defense that’s strength is on the third level — the secondary. In many respects, it was considered a strength vs. strength matchup.

Well, this week it is the exact opposite.

Nevada ranks second in the WAC with 251.6 yards rushing per game, while NMSU gives up 191.6 rushing yards per contest, which is seventh in the eight-team league.

Nevada has a good running back in Mike Ball (pictured) — who comes with power, good balance and a strong stiff arm.

In truth, you'd almost want the Aggies face a pass-happy team, as opposed to a run-heavy one. They just match up better.

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