Sunday, October 16, 2011

Looking back at Saturday's Aggies vs. Idaho game

First off, quotes following Saturday's game: Click here.

For the game itself, it was odd at times and not particularly pretty. Upon leaving the stadium I realized it was also entertaining.

And the Aggies needed the win. We all know that the second half of the season is tougher for NMSU — the team will likely be underdogs from here out.

By beating Idaho, the Aggies now move to 3-3 on the season, 1-1 in conference play. They let one get away against UTEP earlier this year — they really should have four wins. OK, now they're going to have to upset a team or two. I think four wins would be a very good season for the Aggies and five would be a great season.

Much of the first half was tough to watch.

It was literally about breaks on special teams: a fumbled kickoff by Idaho led to NMSU's second TD; moments later, a muffed Aggie punt by true freshman Austin Franklin inside the NMSU 10-yard line led to a short Idaho scoring run; and then the ensuing kickoff was returned 101 yards by Taveon Rogers to put NMSU back up two scores.

It was 21-7 with just over five minutes into the game, and the teams had combined for just 100 yards at that point….Strange.

Quarterback Matt Christian got hit and came down on his left shoulder — he left the game and did not return.

True freshman Travaughn Colwell played well in the second half — particularly when considering that he's a young player.

He managed the game and showed athleticism — threw on the run, good play-action fake.

I liked his 1-yard TD throw to Kemonte Bateman and he later hit Bateman deep for a 50-yard gain. All tolled, Colwell threw for 100 yards and led the team to 10 second half points.

I give the defense the game ball in this one — thought it was arguably their best performance of the season.

A goal line stand to win the game — that says a lot right there. Forcing four turnovers and, really, special teams was responsible for all three Idaho touchdowns.

Safety Donyae Coleman is having a good year — his four interceptions lead the WAC and he stripped and recovered Idaho's fumbled kickoff early in the game.

Kenny Turner was huge for the Aggies.

He was a workhorse running back for NMSU — 25 carries, 171 yards and a touchdown. Don't think the Aggies win this one without Turner.

Since being moved back to running back three games ago he has rushed for 409 yards on 66 carries and has scored three touchdowns. He looks at home.

Idaho is not a very good team.

A few things I noticed:

• Quarterback Brian Reader came off a shaky outing against Louisiana Tech and he didn't play well last night against the Aggies. He overthrew a bunch of WR in the intermediate and deep passing zones. He connects on those, it's a different ballgame.

• Why kick it to Taveon Rogers? He kills teams on kick returns. This isn't a secret at this point — it's Week 7. Rogers returned a TD 101 yards to the house on Saturday.

• I like running back Princeton McCarty but felt he was underutilized. He led the Vandals on the final drive downfield and finished the night with 116 yards on 25 carries and had a 95-yard kickoff return for a TD.

Special teams nearly cost NMSU the game.

Having a kick and punt returned for touchdowns? Unacceptable.

Muffing a punt inside your own 10? Not good.

Tyler Stampler missed another field goal — this one from 39 yards out.

I thought punter Jake Capraro was good — he's improved. And Rogers is obviously a beast in the return game.

We've said it 100 times, the Aggies aren't good enough to be bad on special teams.

If they want to steal a game or two down the stretch, they NEED to get better here. Have to.

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Anonymous said...

Dang teddy what happend to robert clay!! will he ever be factor on offense, to me he's fell off the map he didn't get any carries yesterday. Also i hear turner is leaving for the draft is this true!!

Anonymous said...

I was watching football games on ESPN 3 when I ran across your game and have actually never heard of New Mexico State are they a junior college ?

Big East Fan

Anonymous said...

A lot of talk from a Big Least fan, who's teams would get beat in the WAC.
If they have team after the ACC raids them!

Special Teams Coach, Ken Murphy is not getting it done. He should be demoted to water boy.

I thought the offense and defense played well but, it shouldn't been that close!!

AAD said...

Brought the family down from Santa Fe and attended the game, our first and most likely our only game of the year. It was an entertaining game and we really enjoyed it. We were glad we stayed until the end to see the goal line stand made by the Defense to win the game. I was really disappointed in the all the empty seats at the game. It’s a shame that more folks in Las Cruces and nearby communities don’t attend the games. This is a team with a lot of heart it deserves more from the fans. It does seem though, that the Athletic Department could do more promotions during the game. In years past wasn’t there a horse rider with a flag that circled the field after every touchdown? And what happened to Smokey the wonder Dog that raced out to retrieve the kicking tee after every kickoff? No t-shirt tosses into the crowd or plastic footballs. I know the big emphasis was on cancer awareness but the overall fan response to the game was lukewarm at best.

On the way home Sunday we stopped in Albuquerque on Central Avenue for a bite to eat and to gas up the car. There was a homeless -looking guy sitting at gas station and he asked me if he could clean my windshield. I declined but seeing that I was wearing a NMSU hat he asked if I was an Aggie fan. Since we were across from the UNM campus I expected him to razz me about being an Aggie. I said yes but he went on to say that he played for the Aggies in the early 1980s as a running back. He said he played with Fredd Young and others. I asked him his name and he said James Herbert. We talked some more and I gave him a few dollars. He offered again to clean my windshield and told him no, that he didn’t need to. I may have been scammed but when I got home I looked up his name and I think it probably was him –James Herbert. I’m not sure what life circumstances brought him to that point but I suppose it’s worth saying that student athletes need to finish their education. We also need to support them as athletes but we also need to support and expect the University to make sure they are successful students as well. Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the "fan" turnout being disappointing. This is a good team that's working hard and getting better and deserves more local support.

As to the Big East Fan, Pee J, your obsession with NMSU really is scary but your making up names to hide yourself is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you would make the comment "Special teams nearly cost NMSU the game". In as much as the margin of victory was only 7 points and special teams scored 10 points (and forced a fumble that turned into another 7 points)it is quite apparent that without the positive contributions by the special teams this game would have been lost!! Let's keep everything in the balance before we pass judgement.

Anonymous said...

I love the Teddy & Brook show but I wish it was longer . It's kinda like listening to two guys from Peoria discussing this years crop.

Anonymous said...

we still can only beat the horrible teams. guess that keep us in that category. some things never change. hey Boston...hows that plan for retirement going?