Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Aggies going forward

What are the expectations for the New Mexico State Aggies going forward? It’s actually tough to tell.

The team is on its bye week with a 2-3 record and play Idaho on Oct. 15. It will be a tough game for the Aggies, but a winnable one as well.

On paper, the second half of NMSU’s schedule is tough and I think the WAC is a tough league this season.

Hawaii and Fresno State both look strong behind quarterbacks Bryant Moniz and Derek Carr, respectively.

I don’t think there are any bad teams in the league this year — NMSU, Utah State, San Jose State and Louisiana Tech are better and I still believe Idaho isn't bad.

In truth, it’s hard to predict the Aggies win/loss record the rest of the way. I do think they can be in the hunt. Next weekend against Idaho, they have a chance at winning. The following week, they go to Hawaii in a big road test. These are two key games right on the horizon where should can learn a lot about the team.

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Anonymous said...

The WAC is a tough league this season?

C'mon Teddy,
The WAC is down. With BSU out and Nevada, FSU and Hawaii having down years. The WAC is on par w/ the Sun Belt.

I will say this, the conference is up for grabs. Not one team really stands out as the favorite.

I agree with most of your post.
I think if NMSU beats Idaho and plays good @ UH (winning on the islands is tough for all teams).

NMSU has a shot at winning the conference. No, I ain't drunk or smoking any weed.
I just think all WAC teams are pretty much even. We'll see.


Teddy said...

I wrote that Fresno State and Hawaii are good teams. I wrote that the bottom-tier teams — including NMSU — are better than past years. I wrote that NMSU can be in the hunt — yes, there is more parity.

The WAC is better than you think and you will see it as the year goes on.

JD said...

From looking at the scores and competition in the league it is totally a mixed bag.

Hawaii has laid and egg at UNLV. Nevada plays Texas Tech tough on the road. Utah State keeps Auburn at bay for 3 quarters. Lousiana Tech is up and down.

You would have to realisticly look at Idaho, Nevada, and USU as competative and winnable. A 5 win season would be unbelievable for a team that is decimated by injuries on the defense, and lost it's starting QB in week 3.

It is hard to think that anyone would question that this is an improved program. Walker deserves a lot of credit for bringing in better athletes (just look at our secondary), and for hiring the offensive coordinator. They are finally compete and look like they belong on the field. With a little better depth on the d-line this could have been a special first half.

Anonymous said...

Jefe lives in some dream world.Hawaii,FSU and Nevada having down years , LOL

Anonymous said...

"On paper, the second half of NMSU’s schedule is tough and I think the WAC is a tough league this season."

Umm......I believe Jeffe quoted you correctly Teddy. Just sayin'........

Anonymous said...

The Aggies should have beat UTEP (who hung 42 points on Houston), and they let a winnable game slip away at San Jose. NMSU very easily could be 4-1 right now so the improvement is definately there. The Idaho game may be the last "winnable" game until the Ruston trip. 3-5 wins would be a huge boost to this program and its chances next season.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 10:21
Look at UH, FSU, and Nevada's records before you open your pie hole!
UH is 2-3, FSU is 2-3 and Nevada is 1-3!!

Jefe is right, and your an idiot for talking out of your u know what!!

Anonymous said...

"Should have beaten..." That's a game for blind men and fools.

I honestly don't know if the Aggies are better or not. On the surface, they seem to be. But if you look at who the Aggies played and lost to, I don't know. UNM is absolutely horrible. Minnesota, horrible, possibly worse than UNM. UTEP is as young as it has been in years, and played us with their backup QB in our stadium and won. We lost at San Jose, a team that has a good win and some good losses.

If the Aggies can eek out three more wins, then I'd say they are better. If not, I'll say they are as good as last year.