Monday, October 10, 2011

Aggie expectations and the key quarterback

Wrote a story on expectations for the Aggie football team going into the second half of the season. You can read it by clicking here.

Just expanding on this a bit:

I really believe quarterback Matt Christian's play is a key for the Aggies. The team needs the offense to lead the way and the unit has looked good the past two weeks.

Christian's ability to run has opened up the team's overall running game. He's a savvy player and good decision maker.

If the Aggies can run the football, take early leads and put the defense in favorable position, they will be in games.

Currently at 2-3, how many wins do you think the Aggies will have by the end of their 13-game schedule?

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Anonymous said...

NMSU had a week off to worry about...NMSU.
They had time to rest, mend some players and work on those wrinkles.

It's TETW Pink week and time to focus on the Vandals.
Is this a winnable game? Yes, but, it won't be easy and we need all three phases of the game taking care of business.

I think NMSU wins this week and I believe we beat Utah St. and Fresno St.
Yes, I think we can beat a rebuilding FSU team at home!!


Anonymous said...

If the Aggies stay as healthy as they currently are, I say four wins with hopes of six, which is an improvement over last year. If not, they could lose out easily.

JD said...

I think a win against Idaho has to seem very possible. After that game there has to be little opportunity against Nevada and Utah State. Finishing with 4 wins would be great anything less than 3 is a disappointement.

Teddy anyword on where all the conf. realignmetn is leaving the WAC? Who is getting added in Football and who is coming in as non-football? Any internal word from the Athletic dept. on this? Is going back the Sun Belt an option, or maybe CUSA?

Anonymous said...

well Teddy I m with you on that. I think we can go 3-5, the rest of the way, and maybe 4-4 if the offence its clicking. Franco

Anonymous said...

Looking at the rest of the schedule I see anymore wins on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

I know were 1/2 thru the season but, I saw both UTSA & Texas St. have released next years schdule.

I cant help but, think how a favorable schedule can help Coach Walker and the FB team.

2012 HOME Games:

2012 AWAY Games:
Idaho, Utah St., Texas St. Ohio U. & Utep.

That means theres still 2 games to schedule to make the mandatory 12 game season.
I honestly wish we get away from money games and play the likes of CSU, Wyoming, UNLV, North Texas, WKU, and even an FCS.

These are schools where we are on par with and could help get us bowl eligible.

Isn't it time to stray from the $$ games and give the program a shot at post season play?