Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still expecting a good crowd

I still expect a good crowd at this weekend’s Aggie vs. UTEP game.

There has been talk of the crowd being down this year — UTEP is down so less fans are traveling from El Paso; single-game ticket prices are too high and the economy is obviously down; the game’s on television and the Internet which will keep fans away; promotions have been ineffective; the advent of Facebook and Twitter don’t get fans out to the stadium....These are all possible reasons I have heard.

But here’s what I think: the game will draw well when it’s all said and done. Las Cruces and El Paso are known for it’s walk-up crowds and I still expect 25,000 to 30,000 strong.

I’m still not ruling out a sellout yet.


Anonymous said...

The Miner fans, the biggest crybabies of all, don't think the Miners will win, so they won't show up. The Aggie fans don't trust the Aggies to play two decent games in a row, because they haven't done so in 50 years, so fewer Las Cruces fans will be in the stands. There's the possibility of rain, snow or clear skies. There's the OU/FSU game that has national championship implications showing at the same time that promises to be lots of fun.

Many, many reasons for lower attendance.

Anonymous said...

I'll be watching real football teams all day long on my 55" HDTV in the comfort of my man cave.