Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aggies have been improved

So far, the New Mexico State Aggie football team has been improved this year.

The team has better personnel at some key positions, is better offensively and is more entertaining.

And the Aggies have been more competitive. The team won on the road at Big Ten Minnesota — the Gophers haven’t looked good this year — and beat itself against UTEP. But this brings up an interesting point: the Aggies were actually good enough to beat themselves. Usually the team just got beat. This year they lost a game they should have won.

At the beginning of the year many fans said they wanted to see the Aggies be in games and hopefully get some wins along the way. With that being said, it feels like the team is moving in the right direction.

NMSU still has to go to Hawaii, Georgia, BYU and Louisiana Tech. They still host Nevada, Fresno State and Utah State. The tough part of their schedule awaits.

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Anonymous said...

Yep improved but easily will come away with a single win for the season and the top ranking as the worst team in the country.

Oh joy.

Anonymous said...

The improvement means nothing if they can't beat the worst team in the country, aka, unm!

Anonymous said...

Nice try my Lobo friend, but UNM will keep that top ranking.

Anonymous said...

Really Teddy ? I must be blind.

Anonymous said...

So why are we on ESPN's Bottom 10 and why are they calling it the "pillow fight of the week"?

A win would get us out of the Bottom 10.
A loss gives us the #1 spot, currenlty held by unm.

Anonymous said...

Most of the previous comments have come from people that probably don't even following Aggie sports expect to complain. The team is much improved. The Aggies just don't have any depth on both the o-line and d-line. If you were at the Aggie/utep game, utep was subing their lines out non-stop. The Aggies are stuck playing full games with limited breaks. What do you expect??? If Manley had two more seconds of protection instead of running for his life we wouldn't dumped 35 points, minimum, on utep. Open your eyes folks.

Anonymous said...


You can talk injury all you want, but you can't count injuries for the Aggies and discount them for their competition. Remember UTEP? They lost their starting QB and starting offensive linemen, and still came into our stadium and walked away with a win.

The reality is the Aggies are an abysmal football playing team, and deserved of their ESPN Bottom 10 ranking. The game comes down to Ws and Ls, and the Aggies are on track for another season full of the latter. Just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Every nay sayer out there,

The fact is that the Aggies are a very improved team from last year. There is a difference between losing to UTEP 42-10 and losing this year 16-10. Or scoring 11.75 points per game at this point last season and scoring 21.6 points this season. There is a difference in getting blown out by a Big 12 opponent last season (Kansas) and beating a Big 10 opponent this season.

You cant sit there and say that the team has not improved. Has it reflected in the win loss column? No, we could easily be 0-4 this season just as easily as we could be 3-1. The Aggies are not the kind of team that will do a complete 360 from one season to the next, we all know that by now. We will probably not do any better on the win column this year than last year but that does not mean that the team is not improved. There will still be blowouts but then again almost every team in college fb gets blown out at one point or another. But there will also be close games that were not there last year and another surprising win or two. You just have to take the good with the bad.

Also, give up the Bottom 10 argument. Its a column by ONE writer who uses songs to explain his reasoning.... Oh no we are at the Bottom 10 of Schlabachs mind, boo! Its a column to poke fun at college teams and he even has a special spot reserved for that weeks hilarious comment about a good team that really messed up. Get over it.


Anonymous said...


How does anyone make a comparison from a team last year to this? You talk about UTEP but you forget that UTEP is starting all over this year, going from a very veteran squad with senior, veteran QB to new players on most of the offensive side of the ball. New QBs, running back, receivers. They are a lot younger than the Aggies. Yet they come in here and beat us, AGAIN, on our home field. What's to compare? L is an L is an L.

You compare Minnesota, who lost badly to a lower division school just last week with Kansas of last year? Does that make any sense? Have you seen just how bad Minnesota is?

The Aggies are not better where it counts, and that's the win/loss column. All the other stuff is nonsense --- more points, more yards --- and is fan nonsense. You can fool yourself all you want, but when it comes down to it, where the stuff hits the road, the Aggies just don't have it.

Until the Aggies win some games, they have not improved. Just because they score a few more points doesn't mean squat. Just because teams aren't beating them up by as much, means nothing. Losing is Losing. Period.

You think the Aggies are hanging their helmets on "being improved?" God, I hope not.