Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aggies will look at alternatives on offensive line going into Minnesota game

The Aggies will look at possibly starting Mike Grady at center this week when the team travels to take on Minnesota.

Head coach DeWayne Walker said the Aggies will also look into getting playing time for true freshman Valerian Ume-Ezeoke this week.

Last week the Aggie offensive line struggled against Ohio and the truth is that no one played particularly well. Fakalata didn’t look comfortable at center, having a hard time with shotgun snaps and getting beat inside.

I believe the right move is starting Fakalata at guard and Grady at center. That’s Fakalata’s natural position and he should be the Aggies best offensive lineman there.

Grady is a smart player and experienced. He has started at center the past three seasons at NMSU.

Both are proven players at those respective positions.

I still think the offensive line can be good if these moves work out.

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Anonymous said...

Geez Teddy, didnt I make that suggestion a couple of weeks ago. Starting Grady and moving Fakalata to guard? Pssh you didnt back me up then but you sure write about it as your own thoughts.....ha just joshing you Teddy

How about this one, why not move Fakalata to the defensive line. He hasnt played there in a good while but if we have Grady at center and the Juco transfer at guard why not place Fakalata at DT and see what he can do. Its not like the it would make the d line any worse and based on what we currently have there now Fakalata would be the best player in my mind.