Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quarterbacks at Minnesota

Two will likely get playing time this week — senior starter MarQueis Gray and freshman backup Max Shortell.

Gray is a runner and can struggle throwing the ball while Shortell is more your thrower.

Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill would prefer to run the ball with a featured back, although Gray currently acts that way for the Golden Gophers. He was ineffective throwing last weekend at USC while Shortell stepped in and played well.

Ironically, the Aggies would most likely be better served if Shortell plays more often, just because the Aggies match up better with a more balanced team than a run-heavy team, which Minnesota expects to be with Gray in.

Even with a lack of a pass rush, the Aggie secondary can cover OK. The Aggie run defense, however, is a concern.

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Anonymous said...

Does "punching bag" come to mind when we talk about the Aggies playing Minn?

If an Ohio team puts up 44 on the Aggies, the Gophers will ding 'em for 75 unless by some act of God that causes a game cancellation.

A little far north for hurricanes, unfortunately...

Anonymous said...

I will consider this game a success for the Ags if they come out of it with no season-ending injuries. As far as the outcome of the game, I think anon 10:11 has it about right.