Sunday, September 18, 2011

Manley's injury and rehashing the Aggie-UTEP game

Lets hope quarterback Andrew Manley's injury isn't as serious as it initially looked.

It looked like Manley was limping during the third quarter of the game and he was down for a moment in pain after being sacked on the Aggies last offensive play of the game. He was grabbing around his knee. It actually looked like Manley wasn't hurt on the hit but on planting to throw the ball before the hit came. Again, it looked bad.

It didn't look like he fumbled that ball on replays — it looked like the ball had come out after he was down. NMSU head coach DeWayne Walker alluded to that during the post-game press conference.

After the game Manley was seen on the field talking and walking and he looked fine. Here's to hoping it was just cramping and that he's going to be OK.

This game hurt because it was a winnable one for the Aggies. Neither team looked very impressive and the Aggies left points on the field. The first quarter saw Kenny Turner fumble the ball on the goal line, Turner looked like he slowed down on a deep pass where was open and the team going three-and-out after getting the ball at midfield.

UTEP wasn't very good but outperformed the Aggies on special teams and ran the ball just well enough.

The fake punt was the key call of the game. UTEP had the ball at their own 29 yard line late in the third quarter and snapped the ball directly to Joe Banyard who ran with it all the way down to the Aggie 6-yard line.

Yes, the Miners scored the go-ahead touchdown shortly thereafter, but the momentum of the game changed after that play too. It was the key play of the game.

UTEP had the edge on the Aggie offensive line.

This unit played much better last week in the team's win over Minnesota but didn't play as well on Saturday. The Miners blitzed the Aggies frequently and Manley was under pressure. NMSU never got a running game going — 16 yards on 29 carries. The team went with Turner on the goal line and I wouldn't have minded seeing Robert Clay or Victor Johnson on those chances — two hard runners.

The Miners only chance was to pressure Manley because the Aggies moved the ball well through the air when he had time. He overthrew some receivers but I thought he played pretty well when he had time. UTEP blitzed frequently but even got after him on three-man rushes too.

I thought Manley operated the two-minute drill very well at the end of the first half and I thought the Aggies could have gone to with the no-huddle more in the second half.

I thought Pierre Fils played a good game for the Aggies on the defensive line.

I thought UTEP defensive back Antwon Blake covered well in the secondary.

UTEP's top receiver Donovan Kemp wasn't a factor — one reception for five yards.


Anonymous said...

I know it's only three games into the season but, are guys tired of watching Kenny Turner drop/ fumble the ball?!!

The goal line fumble was pretty bad and instead of redeeming himself, he drops another 4-5 easy catches!!

They say Kenny Turner is pretty good well, if he can't hold onto the ball, it doesn't matter what he can with his feet, right?

Anonymous said...

Over the past 2 weeks play calling on 4th down has been questionable to me. The choice to try the FG instead of punting before half at UM, which resulted in great field position and eventually a TD for UM. Luckily the Aggies didn't allow UM any momentum to start the3rd and held on for the win.

Yesterday the chance to put points on the board on the opening drive and instead results in a fumble an a touchback. I would have loved a TD but everyone knows, you never keep points of the board. Three trips inside the 5 and only 3 points. Those other 6 would have at least sent it into overtime.

I know I'll get killed for playing it safe, but why not play it safe? Were at home, we had "momentum," we have a good kicker, and hell we stopped UM when they had goal line situations, what made us think we couldn't be stopped?

I love CDW, I think he'll get us where we need to be, but last night we had a chance to keep moving forward and we missed out on a great opportunity.

But I'll still be in abq in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

A new Special Teams Coach can teach kickers how to get the ball thru the up rights and can sniff out a fake punt!

An offensive line that won't give up 8 sacks and can establish the run!

Someone who can teach Kenny Turner how to catch the ball and not cough it up!

For Mike Price to retire so Coach Walker finally beat utep.

Sorry coach, I like you but Mike Price has got your number. Kinda like Alford owns Menzies!

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, this was not a letdown. This is what happens when a one dimensional team is cut off from its lifeline and forced to scramble around like chickens without heads.

If we are going to turn into a passing offense again why not bring back Hal Mumme and let him run the show on offense. We have forgotten how to run the ball so far and somehow have reverted back to the Air Raid days.

In a battle of who was worse, the Aggies run offense or the Miners run defense it was proven that the Aggies are simply horrible at running the ball. Our line had no push and was completely overpowered by the UTEP blitzing scheme.

I said it once and Ill say it again, if we are not using Fakalata on the O Line why not use him on defense. That group was huffing and puffing all night and even though we had a freshman quarterback to push around we had no pressure on him. Fakalata would at least provide another big body on the field rather than a big body on the bench.

Somebody needs to spark a fire under Monty Hills behind and get him to provide a better band. LC fans are not extremely vocal compared to UNM or UTEP and when we have such a lackluster band running the show it doesnt give a whole lot to the atmostphere. UTEPs band was ridiculous and didnt stop playing or moving, at some point that energy feeds off to the fans and eventually the players.

I dont think this was a letdown, I think UTEP simply took advantage of our weaknesses and did enough to beat us. Teddy mentioned special teams and boom that is exactly what they beat us with. Aggies need to fix both O and D line and somehow either get more creative on the passing game or find a way to run the ball. We cannot continue to be one dimensional bc quite frankly Mumme was a better fit for that and we all know how many winning seasons he had.


Ken's Journal said...

Another crappy game by the Aggies. Walker is woefully unprepared to coach a Division 1 program

Also, is Stampler tje ONLY kicker on the roster? Just another pathetic performance by the coaching staff and team.

Anonymous said...

giddyup Aggies back to ESPN's bottom 10

Anonymous said...

The Aggies didn't disappoint. They did EXACTLY what the Aggies do.

Anonymous said...

It's like watching the 3 Stooges in Spanish...

Anonymous said...

Did you catch the Oklahoma / Florida State game? Now there is some serious football.

Anonymous said...

Kenny Turner killed us! Fumbled a touchdown away and had atleast 4 other drops, some at key moments. I don't get what his upside is. I know the O line struggled badly, but turner cost us the game. He also didn't lay out for a very catchable ball on the east sideline.

Anonymous said...

NMSU lost because Walker is a spiteful person. He hates the kids on his team that walked on this year and he especially hates the kids that walked on from El Paso. Walker is his own worse enemy. He continue to play the guys from last year that wasn't any good and expect different results. Maybe if he treat his team as a team and play people who want to win they might get some where.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:39

You must be one of the walk ons who isn't getting to play.

Come on man, do you really think that Walker, who is desperate for playmakers will actually not play a kid that he thinks can contribute?

I think people are starting to believe in Walker. We are at least becoming more competitive instead of laying down like Mumme's teams did. Yes we are 1-2, but there is fight in these kids.

Why don't you start supporting the team instead of making negative comments about the coach?

Obviously you are a fan of the team. Start rooting for them!