Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rogers will likely play, LaVoy looks to be out vs. UNM

Wide receiver Taveon Rogers (tailbone) will likely play this weekend against the University of New Mexico while it seems like the Aggies will be without linebacker Alexander LaVoy (broken foot).

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We all know what Rogers brings to the offense — he’s a big-time player and the Aggie passing attack would take a big hit if he wasn’t in the lineup. I think he can have a big game against the Lobos secondary, which has had trouble this season.

As for LaVoy, of course the Aggies could use him as well. He’s helped the linebacker corps from a personnel and depth standpoint as the team’s starting middle linebacker.

But here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter who the Aggies have at linebacker if the defensive line struggles. Take last week against San Jose State — the Spartans offensive line beat the Aggie defensive line, got to the second level and the team was able to run the ball. That hurt more than LaVoy being out.

We knew the Aggie defensive line would be affected this year with the loss of Donte Savage, Augafa Vaaulu and Tommy Stuart. They play hard, they just doesn’t have personnel.

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Anonymous said...

Boy I sure hope we beat the lobos!i hope the team doesn't go in there thinking it will be an easy game. The lobos still have much better athletes than we do. I am a diehard Aggie fan and am going to the game. I would hate to see us lose though. I am pleased with the progress the team is making and am glad that we are being competitive, but this is a must win for us considering the state of the lobo football program. GO AGGIES!