Thursday, August 4, 2011


Don’t count the University of Montana out of the WAC picture just yet.

It would be a great catch for the conference — an established football school in the Football Championship Subdivision, a stadium that seats over 25,000 and a program with a solid fan base.

It would create a good buzz around a WAC that desperately needs it.

The WAC won’t go hunting for a new school until after the new year. Last year they courted Montana in March, only to see the school back away. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the league make another pitch at the Grizzlies.


Anonymous said...

Dude haven't they said NO to the WAC at least twice if not more ?

They don't want to be on the WAC. The fans and boosters don't want anything to do with the WAC.

It's kinda like asking some hot chick for a date over and over and she keeps saying No because she's just not into you.

Anonymous said...

Even the ugly girls/ dudes get to go to the prom.

Anonymous said...

A more sensible move would be for NMSU to move to the Big Sky Conference-that is,if anyone in LC really cares about NMSU football having ANY chance for success.