Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aggies Sunday scrimmage

Some news and notes from Sunday’s Aggie football scrimmage:

• It looked like the offense was ahead of the defense.

The defensive line got pushed around in the running game although the linebackers seemed to play well. Alexander LaVoy can play on this level and will be a welcomed addition to the team at middle linebacker.

• Wide receiver Todd Lee got off to a good start in the scrimmage, making three grabs on the offense’s opening possession including a long touchdown pass down the right side. Cornerback Courtney Viney rolled up in coverage and the safety didn’t get over, letting Lee get deep for the score.

• Freshman wide receiver Austin Franklin made a one-handed grab in the back of the endzone with a defensive back draped all over him.

Quarterback Matt Christian made a nice throw on the play — inside the 10-yard line he lofted the ball high and to Franklin’s back shoulder.

And the catch was nice, of course.

“The corner was holding me and I had to find a way to catch the ball,” Franklin said. “I just stretched my long arm out and caught it.”

• Speaking of quarterbacks, I think the Aggies can win with either one.

I think they’re both close right now — no denying Andrew Manley’s potential, although the same could be said about Matt Christian’s senior experience. I think you could go either way at this point, although this team needs wins more than anything else.

• Former Mayfield running back Brandon Betancourt has looked good in fall camp thus far.

Another backup running back, Germi Morrison, isn’t practicing with the team. Head coach DeWayne Walker said Morrison was out with a foot injury. Morrison was a junior college recruit who is expected to help the Aggies this year.

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