Thursday, August 25, 2011

Position-by-position breakdown: offensive line

We continue our position-by-position breakdown on the New Mexico State Aggies with the offensive line.

So far we have reviewed the team's quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers.

Offensive line

If this unit can remain healthy — something it couldn’t do last year — it should be OK.

It starts inside, where Sioeli Fakalata appears fully recovered from a broken leg that sidelined him for the entire 2010 season.

Fakalata is listed as the Aggies starting center this year after lining up at guard the past two seasons. At his best the 6-foot-3, 340 pound Fakalata is the Aggies top lineman, a hard worker and agile power blocker in the running game.

Next to Fakalata inside will be junior Maveu Heimuli and junior college transfer Andrew Kersten.

El Paso native Davonte Wallace was an above-average freshman last year and will return as the starting left tackle.

Right tackle Aundre McGaskey is a serviceable player entering his senior season.

The Aggies top backup is center Mike Grady, a starter the past three years.

True freshman Valerian Ume-Ezeoke lined up at center during August practices and flashed ability.


Anonymous said...

Wouldnt it make more sense to start Grady again and put Fakalata in his natural guard position. Kinda tough for a kid to start three years and lose his job to someone else who should be starting another position over an unproven player

Anonymous said...

"Put Fakalata in his natural guard position?"

His natural position is Nose Tackle. That's what he played as a true freshman and then after he injured his shoulder, was moved to guard.

The kids a beast! He is big, mean and versatile!
I like the move to center. He and MaGaskey (aka, McNasty) give us some serious beef and push up front!!


Anonymous said...

Grady has had some tough personal issues and has not been in camp which is why hes not starting right now. He will be a starter at some point.

Anonymous said...

I know where he started playing during his freshman year, I meant his natural position in the o-line. He hasnt exactly played any other position other than guard since he got here.


In your mind, what are the realistic expectations going into year three with Walker? If its just like any other year in the LC then will Walker stay around much longer than year four or will Boston give him continuity.

Teddy said...

I think it will be a struggle this season simply because of the loss of THREE defensive linemen before the first game is even played. This team just couldn't afford that.

With that being said I think Boston should be patient with Walker and things will get turned around eventually. I've said before above all else the NMSU coaching job is a hard one and requires time.